Friday, March 16, 2018

For School-of-Life Scholars....

While students in Canada enjoy a week of March break students of life forge on
...because there is no 'March Break' in the school of Life😁

(Markers of graduates from centuries past)

Beneath the iron tutelage
Of stars that dim at dawn
Each day is like a fresh, white page
Time’s students write upon

...where he is no respecter of
Scholars of days and years
And no one graduates, my love
Until time disappears

For there is always something More
To learn and learn anew
Regardless of zillions before
We have to learn it too

Father Time coaches human race
In ways beyond our guess
Where roads that teach patience and grace
Help us learn happiness

…and sometimes he will kick us hard
To tame habits uncouth
His subjects often battle-scarred
While gaining Wisdom’s Truth

For in time’s class of constant change
Where some things never do
Do you not think it rather strange?
The old is always new

And mouths of boldest boast admit
No one can outfox he
Who taps his scepter on the lid
Of dumb mortality

For human nature is prone to
Then bravo to the student who
Masters humility

© Janet Martin

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