Friday, March 2, 2018

North-South-East-West Medley

The Nor'Easter Emptied his pockets before he reached us...not so where hubby is in standstill traffic in New Jersey...He is glad to be back to work but no driver chooses this weather

For a few days we enjoyed a southerly sonata... we have returned to a more seasonal northerly Br-r-r!
Bird-feeders blown bare and the birds unable to hang on... they huddle in the bushes and settle for ground-feeding

The north unleashes gales that vex the earth
And bids us stoke the embers in the hearth

The east is like an arbor held at bay
Yet ushers in the ardor of new day

The south is like a maiden fair that sings
Of apple-trees in bloom and zephyr-wings

The west is like an orchestra that plays
As landscapes fondly fade from our gaze

Beautiful backdrops to toil’s humble quest
Awesome arrangements of north-south-east-west

© Janet Martin

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