Monday, March 5, 2018

Not The Red Carpet...The Gold Carpet!

Imagine if we ‘simply trusted’ knowing the One who knows what we don’t is enough!
Imagine how much futile fear this would save us!
As I was writing this post(happily celebrating my early laundry-start) wondering what this day would hold when it folds away like a fresh dried-in-the-sunshine-towel, suddenly my washing machine began a deafening, vibrating buzz and filled the laundry room with something that smells overheated and a lot like ‘trouble’.ugh!!!
He will be here today to take a look at it!

One sure sign of spring is when the sun rises on the other side of my brother Lewis's barn.
 He farms on 'the home-place'.

Now rolls from eastern skyline like a breaker made of gold
Across hills, valleys, streets and seas, a new day to behold
Once more we delve into a deep that teems with living’s care
And bids us choose twixt faith or fear to get from here to there

Ah, there is nothing new under the sun save each new day
The God of old is still the God who hears us when we pray
Yes, He who parted the Red Sea and led his people through
Is the same God today as then; He parts our waters too

Forbid we tromp across dawn’s threshold, bold without a thought
Of He who stokes the budded tree and earth’s big flowerpot
Forbid we simply take and take and never bow our head
To thank the One who sent His son to die in our stead

No one can boast a know-it-all of hours still unspent
Both rich and poor alike are at the mercy of God’s ‘lent
Where no one can lay claim to more or less than God’s kind grace
Imagine if we trusted Him for each new day we face?!

The surf that spills o’er yonder hills and rolls through brook and fence
And tints the olden dirt beneath our feet with Imminence
Is ushered in then cupped in hands Nail-scarred. Holy. Sublime
He promises His faithfulness until the end of time

© Janet Martin

 Because of the Lord’s great love 
we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.  
They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.

No matter how often I hear or sing this steals my breath!

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