Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Poet's Blessing/Curse

 Sometimes when fear almost gets the best of me
When it comes to posting poetry
I look at books of 'hearts pieces' bared
And I thank the poets who wrote them, then shared

The poet by a whisper stirred
Endures the stormy swell
Roused by a constant flow of word
And pictures they could spell

The poet hears a melody
It takes her heart by storm
Where ink and authorship must plea
Its essence into form

The poet carves from quiet air
The image of a place
That transports us from here to there
And only thought can trace

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, I think this is my absolute FAVOURITE poem that you've ever penned! I've read it several times, elated at its sheer truth. You have exquisitely described the process of producing a poem, evoking responses from both the cerebral and the sentimental aspects of the human condition. LOVE it; thank you for sharing!!

    Have a blessed Easter,

    both cerebral and sentimental

    1. Poppy,
      Thank-you so much for your kind compliment. It was one of those-out-of-the-blue bits that nagged 'write me!';-)

      A big hug across the ocean,
      Happy Easter! (I will return to roam your Cretan countryside again. Yesterday I sneaked a peek...tomorrow I will stroll!)


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