Thursday, March 29, 2018

That's Life...

 Everything in life is but a season, 
so let's pull up our socks and enjoy the ride
Soon we'll be looking back to where
We were before the turning of the tide

Sometimes I long for time it once seemed I had
when realistically,
time is not the issue; it has always only held twenty-four hours in each day...
it's the flood-gate of blessing that sometimes washes away one freedom
for another...sometimes we long for more time
for things like strolling Cretan countrysides or other blog-land vistas, or others,
  who were bloggers 'til life simply didn't allow the window of time it took to spill the view,
Wherever we are,let's not miss a drop of what soon is not!

Sometimes we look down
to notice
...we should be looking up!

Life weighs us down and ties us down
And twirls us round, oh, dear
It lifts us up and sits us up
And tips a cup of cheer

Life bakes a cake and makes us wait
To eat it ‘til its cool
It blurs the joy of words like ‘birds’
‘Hello’ and ‘after school’

Life shoots love’s darts where wronged sweethearts
Dry tears and love once more
It lures us to enjoy the view
Then hits us with the door

© Janet Martin

Years ago my Uncle Willie and Aunt Joyce played the song below on their banjos at a Frey reunion.
I think of them every time I sing it or hear it!
Hi Willie and Joyce!
Happy Easter!

p.s. the other song I remember you played that day was... I know an old lady who swallowed a fly😀
(In the weeks to follow Mom listened to her troop of youngsters belt out that song lol!)

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