Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Singing of Spring...

When this finch perched outside the window I noticed its feathers hinting at gold like the meadow hinting at green and it made me want to sing!
(oops, it looks like the feeder needs refilling:)

When goldfinches begins to don their yellow coats again
When brittle fronds are huddled in gray puddle-ponds of rain
When thinning, winning ways of March and April tug-of-war
Then we begin to sing the bonny hymns of spring once more

When Old Man Winter wearies and at last admits defeat
When from the awning of the sky descends staccato beat
Of silver-slippered dancers splashing brawny beckoning
With long awaited tints of green, then we begin to sing

When garden plots are doffed of frosty frocks and robes of white
When shivers turn to golden sun-kissed quivers of delight
When pansy-violet posies peek-a-boo from purple hoods
Then we begin to sing where spring embellishes the woods

When wonder is a child once more in spite of wizened ways
When hunger is the color of forgotten yesterdays
When everyone is younger than they thought they were, then oh
We sing a song of flower-storms and orchard petal-snow

When robins quarrel in the limbs that brim with bud and nest
When laughter like a love-song rings with spring’s refurbished zest
When morning gleams like a new bike or streams awakening
And the world dreams in daffodils then we begin to sing

© Janet Martin

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