Thursday, March 24, 2016


No, no, the patriarch of winter brutishly declares
I will not saunter quietly into the placid past
For I am not quite ready to relinquish the affairs
 Of all things white and boreal to a forgotten cast

And so he balls his fist and pummels Nature’s readied stance
He tromps across the boulevards bedecked in Wakening
With rancor, like an enraged bull he buffets the romance
Of Countryside all starry-eyed at suggestions of spring

The numbering of days is not in his favor, he knows
And lashes at the windows barred and shuttered to his wail
No sympathetic door swings wide to usher in his throes
So he unleashes woes in marble epitaphs of hail

He overstays his welcome like a guest without a room
A noisy mutineer, he blusters with threats bold and vile
Attempting to fluster the maiden with arms full of bloom
…he seems to sense to disarm him all she will do is smile

© Janet Martin

Already many power-outages in this storm…another ice-storm!
All schools near and far are CLOSED!
So, the silver lining under the silver coating is a longer long week-end which might be spent cleaning up tree branches and downed power-lines!

This hourly forecast is cause for concern! According to this, freezing rain will continue until 3:00 p.m!
 ...and still, in spite of it all, finches flock to the flailing feeders!

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  1. I'm inspired by the dogged determination of those little finches, despite the brutish patriarch of winter! Well done capturing the day. Not liking the forecast, however. ;)


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