Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Motley Crew... Holy Blessed

 Here we are; in a world at large
And we, blessed with the charge of it
Should learn to linger for a bit
Where Time is a camouflaged barge

Here we are; where the rush of hours
Insists upon that age-old way
Of morn-noon-night and day to day
Wending from winter through wildflow’rs

…and I for one would hate to miss
The gifts soft-strewed above, beneath
Each season like a sacred breath
Of life to death; a knife-edged kiss

This hasting toward who-knows-what
Would be a wicked waste of years
If we, blinded by fear’s cold tears
Trampled the very things we sought

Where Beauty is love’s thorn-stemmed rose
And heaven is a spring-green haunt
And earth, a wonderland of want
And Toil, the voile of kingly clothes

…and Here we are; a motley fleet
Soul-shod; vessels on seas of sod
Where seasons, like rhinestones from God
Scatter beneath our very feet

© Janet Martin

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