Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Holy Training-ground

In life’s push-pull-plant-reap-reach-bow
In its momentous what-where-how
Of laugh-weep-wake-sleep-hold-let go
We are being trained;
For what, we do not know

While we walk through gold-gray-green-blue
We oft forget its sacred due
We work-play-dream-learn-teach and more
Unaware of the What
We are being trained for

Then, in the bliss of hug and kiss
When life is kind; remember this
Today, though plain, commonplace crowned
We are treading on
Holy training-ground

© Janet Martin

With Providential Approval and Dave Update

 Photo Scripture reference; Psalm 147:8-11

Inherent seed
Of pride and greed
Of selfishness and lusting
Suffers the rod
Of loving God
So we may learn to trust Him

We, prone to sin
The Lord doth win
Not where green pasture pleases
But in life’s storm
We seek the Arm
Of He who never leaves us

And though the ‘why’
May birth our cry
To Him; His love so tender
Lifts, as we bow
Within the ‘How’
The heart of meek surrender

The broken ‘me’
Begins to see
How utter our reliance
How all we have
The good Lord gave
Love rebukes our defiance

God works all things together
He does not change
His love the same
In fair or foulest weather

Inherent seed
Of pride and greed
Would be our certain ruin
God, rich in love
Gently approves
What draws us nearer to Him

© Janet Martin

I know I've posted this song on numerous posts but it is such a beaut!

Thank-you for the continued flood of support for the family through kind words, thoughts and prayers; thank-you for 'traveling' with us!

Here is last night's and this morning's update from Dave's wife Karen:

Hi Everyone
Today we had some good things happen, and some parts were rough.
He had a rough night- while I got a good much needed sleep, he had a long coughing spell . When I come in this morning he didn’t look himself. The Dr. come in and said Dave you don’t look so good, so the Dr. is changing his pain meds again. The Dr. informs me of his break; He broke all his left ribs but not just once, he did multiple times. Dave has some ribs that are just floating. They are to heal up, but floating makes it worse. Told Dave he needs to get moving to get his lungs goings. Cough every hr to make sure that he doesn’t get infection in the lungs.
By noon when they came in to try and get him sitting again on the side of the bed, they actually got him standing. My tears were flowing. It was so amazing to see. He did a great job.
He was good until later in the evening, then he had more pain again and had another one of his coughing spells. Those are so hard on him, so painful.
I stayed with him until he had all the phlegm coughed up and then I went home when he was resting. He said it is OK for me to go home and get some sleep; He will let me know if there is time I need to stay again. (Makes it so much easier on me when I know he is fine with me going home) He cares for me even when he is there in so much pain.
It is just so hard because he just can’t do anything himself. Can't use his left side and his right arm just doesn't work right! The nurses are great but they have so many more patients to look after they can't always be there when he needs them.
Krista is able to take me in the morning when she goes to work so I am able to be there by 8 and that way I am there to see his Dr. and help him with the morning things.
They are hoping in a day or so the tube in his lungs can be removed. He still has the oxygen because his breathing is hard when he moves.

This morning;
 Just called down and the nurse said last night he got his best rest so far, no coughing spells in the night and he rested nicely.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Transitions...(A Mother's Misty-eyed Musing)

Because I am a new gramma and because I do daycare, 
frequently doors to yester-shores are eased open just far enough to let echoes in...

Time tilts Her chin and she looks into rooms once filled with child
Before the brush of ‘hush now, hush now’ eased them from Her lap
While through the haste of touch and taste and imminence run wild
She hears upon the night air a young mother’s joyous clap
‘Oh look, ah see, pat-pat-a-cake and twinkle little star’
And while they laughed and played Time laid a gate across youth’s bar

With dance and grin Time kissed Her skin with living’s loving proof
And drew its artwork where Her heart hurts with glad weight of it
While toil and duty’s beauty wove earth’s heaven ‘neath a roof
That housed the kindnesses of ‘learn-teach-let’s just sit a bit’
And as year-hinged-to-year tinges her tear with hints of fall
She traces on the night wind, phrases from Past’s Madrigal

With meeker tread she bows her head and breaks Time’s bread; with awe
She hails the grail that pales the star-struck height of Night and Dream
Time is no brute but an astute deliverer of law
No one escapes the metronome that shapes thought-scape’s requiem
Time tilts Her chin and she looks into rooms with soldered locks
And worlds that tumble with the ease of castled building blocks

© Janet Martin

What Comfort This (and Dave-update)

 I was on a little drive this afternoon,(praying for my brother) looked up and saw what felt like a kind hug from God
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,
who comforts us in all our troubles,
so that we can comfort those in any trouble
with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.
For just as the sufferings of Christ overflow to us,
so also through Christ our comfort overflows. 

Below, a few more shots from my drive on a road we locals call 'The Third'.
It is an immensely scenic stretch of rural bliss!

What comfort this; the Lord who splays the ream
Where green hills touch blue sky and leave gaze awed
Where rivers like diamond tiaras gleam
Through valleys cradled in the arms of God

Where bud unfolds in star-eyed miracle
Embellishing the moil of soil with vim
Where troubadour bows, stripped of canticle
Kind-humbled by nature’s prolific hymn

Where He who tints the hues of dark and light
And sheathes with spectral shroud, dusk’s dimming lay
And tunes the green-leaf harp; with faultless might
He turns the gyre that garners night and day 

...whereon we press a printless pageantry
Of summers spent, of bowers bloomed and felled
Of hours lent, bent with love's tangent spree
Of flowers, sweet and full and hardly held

...before their petals line a tender trove
Of days gone by and eyes wiser than they
Who drink the dream of youthful wander-love
Until life deems that they too walk the way

...of laughter’s aftermath; sorrow and dust
Where time's sublime four-season, suave quadrille
Concedes that joy cannot escape The Must
That teaches us to trust a Higher Will 

 What comfort this; The Lord who fills the spheres
Whose loving faithfulness will never cease
Is ever near. He gathers up our tears
He hears our prayers and grants us Mercy’s peace

© Janet Martin

For those not on FB with us, here is the latest update from Karen, (my brother Dave's wife)
(To newcomers; I have been updating since last Wed. when I shared that my brother Dave (52yrs. old) fell from a roof )

  Yesterday (Saturday) he had a much harder day so I decided to stay down in the hospital with him all night.(he has been moved from the Trauma Center to reg. hospital closer to home)
 Tonight before I left he was feeling better. I decided to come home and get a night's sleep in my bed and will go down early in the morning with Krista so that I am there when his Dr comes in.

As I am sitting with him, it reminds me of a roller coaster ride. There are times when you are on the top and it is exciting and then you go down hill. I know that our ride is just about to begin! It would be great to be at the top of the ride but I know we will have those down days and I just know that God, family and friends will be with us thru it all.
Keep praying, I took a lot in from the DR today, main thing said, It will be a long haul.
Thanks again.

(Karen, who struggles with more than her share of health challenges needs prayers for health and strength as well!) 

This morning at our Sunday worship service I was moved to tears by the timing of this hymn.

Friday, June 23, 2017

More Than We Know

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

I wrote this post this morning then checked out the basement after hearing there is major flooding in the local town of Drayton. This day is being spent cleaning up a huge over-refreshment-ing of basement and rec room.

below, an overhead shot  of Drayton right now!

This day is dressed like all the rest
In moment metered measure
With God to move in mortal breast
To will and do His pleasure

Mankind is lent one life, my dears
Ah, who can know its hours?
So laugh thy joys and weep thy tears
Where deed is seed that flowers

So pray thy prayer and choose thy God
Astute corroboration
…where touch and taste with subtle laud
Demonstrates confirmation

From womb to tomb; virtue and vice
Tests and attests intention
The increase of love’s sacrifice
Beyond our comprehension

Where God, so rich in mercy grants
Much more than man can fathom
And blesses he who humbly plants
And trusts God for the outcome

© Janet Martin

Today's Dave-Update inspired Today's Poem
Thank-you for your prayers.
 Karen, Dave's wife wrote last night:

GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!!!  Prayer is powerful. Today at the hospital was such a good day. I couldn’t believe how much different he was this morning from when I left him last night.  His pain is under control more, he is able to rest much easier, his oxygen  machine  was lower today, he is breathing more himself, his lung is starting to reflate, and he is coughing up phlegm.

They had him sitting up in a chair for the first time today. Tomorrow they are going to try and have him stand maybe.

He was more awake and talking and opening his eyes and focusing today and he ate a  little bit of food.

Another prayer request;   he asked the Dr to check his right arm because he is having problems moving it. They did an  x-ray and it showed nothing wrong, but he is having trouble moving it and since his other side his collar bone is broken he can't do much. He tried eating some soup but can’t get the spoon to his mouth, so I have to feed him. That no problem for me but very frustrating for Dave. So please pray for strength

Long road ahead but with the improvements today hopefully it’s all up hill now.

Today I feel so much better. My friends and family I talked to today could hear it in my voice. I am sure I will get a better much-needed sleep  tonight

Again I want to thank you for all the prayers, phone calls, texts.  I feel so blessed. They are sure helping me in more ways than you know.

Afternoon update just now!
...and this afternoon she called to ask if I would share the good news that he is being transferred from the Trauma Canter to a hospital much closer to home. Once again the change from yesterday to today is like night and day. Please keep praying and praising God for prayers already answered!