Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Of Listening and/or Hearing...

(exerpts from Lucy Maud Montgomery's diary pages during the 1890's)

If we listen we can hear
More than that which meets the ear
More than noise that Time employs
If we listen, sorrows, joys
Of days long gone by return
In life-lessons we must learn
As the blood-sweat-tears of years
Echoes in the listener’s ears

Hope and heartache, hunger, fear
If we listen we can hear
Though spent centuries seem strange
Things that matter never change
Triumph is life’s candy, sweet
Bitter still, despair, defeat
For the art Progress imparts
Cannot alter human hearts

If we listen God still speaks
Still spills Love in days, then weeks
Still fills morning's jars with hope
Still pours mercy to spring's slope
Still, though man tries to play god
Stirs the seed that breaks the sod
Stills and thrills human heartstrings
In the listener of these things

© Janet Martin

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