Monday, March 14, 2016

Gray, Gray March Day

 The June-March weather they predicted has not really happened.'s more like April or March, March weather;-))

Your coat is haggard, ragged
Your face is sullen-gray
And from your cheek the bleak tear falls
…no one wipes it away

We shiver in your presence
You splash beneath our feet
As you un-stopper doleful skies
In sighs upon the street

Ah, you are no show-stopper
Nobody sings your praise
Yet without you would we full-view
The joy of golden days?

At first glance nothing strikes me
As grand, in your façade
But then Someone whispers to me
You are a gift from God

© Janet Martin


  1. Ah ... the lessons of those gray days, those that seem to go on without end. Yes, gifts from God, all of them.

    1. :) yes. even the seep-to-the-bone-chilly ones! I'm so thankful for warm,dry shelter!!


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