Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Strolling a March Garden...

(from a garden 22 years ago)

From fronds of bygone gardens
A bloom of echoes leaps
Yet, hope of springtime pardons
What slumbers in its deeps

Here sleeps yesterday’s flower
We trod on plumes entombed
In a bedraggled bower
Where once a summer bloomed

How bittersweet the Bearing
That wafts upon the breeze
As feet pause in the wearing
Of unframed memories

…to taste upon time’s taking
The waking way that wins
Where spring’s seasonal breaking
Of flower-buds begins

...ere fronds of bygone gardens
Claim what yet waits to bloom
And hope of springtime pardons
That which soon fills its tomb

© Janet Martin

 Inspired in part by Mark Windham's poem shared here

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