Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Don't Look Over the Fence Because 'They' Have What 'We' Have

(this photo was taken four days ago...)

Where, why and how?
Later?  Right now?
For who, with what?
Do we engage
This sit-lie-walk
Of tick and tock
That falls from Yon
To fill Yore’s page
With touch and taste
With amble, haste
With crawl and leap
With grin and tear
Strewing life’s path
With aftermath
Of what we have
Right now, right here

© Janet Martin

Happy first day of March!
It seems docile and lamb-like this morning
but we hear forecasts of a lion approaching by eve...

Weather is the backdrop
In all get-togethers
Of all we ever have …

Are you a do-it-now-er or a
do-it-later procrastinator? 

I'm a bit of both:)
...so I'm off now to do dishes that waited
while I procrastinated:-(

Not all opportunities however,
are as patient as dishes
and will not wait
while we procrastinate! 

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