Monday, March 28, 2016

The Beauty of Begin Again

God takes brokenness 
and beneath His touch 
turns it into beauty... 

As the ice began to melt on Saturday, earth was over-taken by surreal beauty;
a glass world on a bronze backdrop...

We would be weary soon into love’s journey
Soon overtaken by trouble and pain
But for the mercy that comes with each morning
But for the beauty of Begin Again

We would be victims of longing’s long sorrow
Caught in a quagmire of briar and rain
But for the Hand that transforms each tomorrow
Into the beauty of Begin Again

We would be blinded by rubble and ruin
Bereft of joy where we stumble and strain
But for the wonder that wakens within us
As we bear witness to Begin Again

Love takes the pieces of plight we have shattered
Shapes from its brokenness, no seal of shame
But from the night as its starlight is scattered
Love lends the beauty of Begin Again

© Janet Martin

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