Friday, March 11, 2016

Bonjour M. Mémoire, Je Te Déteste Mais Je T'aime (Hello, Mr. Memory,I Hate You But I Love You)

Sometimes you visit, surreal, yet explicit
Rushing through years that no longer exist
Sometimes you hover like a far-off lover
Leaving the sense of something I have missed

Sometimes you take me in your arms and wake me
To the awareness of what used to be
Sometimes you leave then oh, how you grieve me
That I should lose such a dear memory

Sometimes you hold me and sometimes you scold me
Sometimes I would set you free if I could
I cannot hate you, though oh, I berate you
As you afflict and caress; virile flood

Sometimes elation turns into vexation
Realization is a two-edged knife
Sometimes you find me simply to remind
How swift these memories become a life

© Janet Martin

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