Saturday, March 19, 2016

Famous Fairest of Them All

You bring us blossoms and flower-strewn lanes
You are the prettiest maiden ere seen
Flinging your garment to woodlots and plains
Worlds that were naked are ravished in green

You don’t forget us, the hours we braved
While bully blusters tormented our skin
Are compensated; the kiss that we craved
Falls from the heavens in sun-mellow grin

You waken gardens and arouse farmers
Revive the thirst for those dust-weary days
You restore romance, my, you’re a charmer
Earth rings with bloom-bells where birds sing your praise

You fill up clotheslines with cotton-laughter 
Housewives are happy where windows fling wide
Be gone, dust-bunnies, hello yellow zephyr
Romping in orchards bedecked like a bride

Rose of redemption and forget-me-nots
You crown the brown hill with buds burgeoning
You spill in rain; soldered terrain applauds
Your fame is ageless and your name is Spring

© Janet Martin

I'm off to fill a long line with cotton-laughter;-))

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