Thursday, March 3, 2016

You Make Me Think...Mother to Daughter Poem

You make me think of summer
Sun-sparkle fills your smile
Your eyes hold stars and when you sing
Life’s care pauses a while

You make me think of flowers
Butterflies, gentle rain
Your laughter is a yellow sun
And I am young again

You make me think of hours
Time’s precious, hurried ways
Garners moments and seals them in
Past’s treasure chest of Days

You make me think of living
For the sheer joy of you
Because I know that soon, my dear
You’ll be a woman too

You make me think of praying
And thanking God above
That He saw fit to bless my life
With a daughter to love

© Janet Martin

I think I'll put this one in Victoria's birthday card next week:)

 Our writer's group homework assignment is to write a poem  about a family member, 
so this poem will serve a few purposes!
I cannot believe that another almost-year has passed since this and this!


  1. I haven't noticed this before, but in this pic I can see the resemblance between Victoria and her brother.
    Another moving poem, Janet. Well done on your poetic assignment :)

    A great costume -- did you make it?

    1. Thank-you Sasha,
      she DOES resemble Matt here, now that you mention it. I'll be studying them tonight to see if I can see it;-)

      we 'assembled' the costume from thrift stores.
      I have done a lot of sewing in my day but not lately. I loved sewing for little girls but I've sort of lost the desire. It might return someday;-)

  2. Well I feel a little sneaky here being privy to 'the homework'. Love this, Janet. What an honour for Victoria! I didn't think for one moment that a poem would be a challenge for you. It's the rest of us rascals that will struggle! Well done. Love the repetitive nature and rhythm. Just right for the subject! See you Friday.

    1. oops, blush:) I know my family does not read my blog! Bad on me for thinking my writer-group friends might be too busy to pop by this porch before tomorrow night...

      Best of poem-luck to y'all.

  3. Lovely indeed. She was such a good Anne. Yup time speeds by, with so many changes and so much still abiding.


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