Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Futility's Fete

Cool! said the little guy I babysit, gazing longingly at the rubble-heap that a few days ago was a tree...
(I did not share his sentiment;-)
... but it is futile to stand and long for what no longer is~

Futile to gaze at a glazed skyline where
Days once-upon-us are no longer there

Futile to hunger for crumbs blown away
God spreads time’s table with a feast called Today

Futile to try to pry Past's soldered door
No one can gather spent waves from the shore

Darling, the future will soon fill farewell
Futile to linger where Yesterday fell

© Janet Martin


  1. I love this poem, Janet. Beautiful.

    I'm sorry about your tree.. Was it the ice that damaged it?

  2. yes;( that's why I hate ice-storms SO much! This was one of MANY trees in a very large area that were either completely destroyed or badly broken! These poor trees still had not recovered from the ice-storms of 2013.

  3. Poignant words. One of life's toughest lessons, I'd say.


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