Monday, March 14, 2016

Rain Rhapsody

There is something soft and sweet in the tune

of a rainy afternoon...

It begs for melody of tea

…and a little poetry  

Rain slips in stippled silver notes
It drenches tawny sod
It wakes the bonny seed that wings
In petal-songs to God

Rain drips from heaven-corridors
To floors of hill and plain
An Artist with a muted brush
Paints mirrors on the lane

Rain whispers where winter-gales roared
How soft and sweet it brims
Like little love-songs from the Lord
In tiny droplet-hymns

Rain wrings its melody from clouds
Then flings it to the earth
It dapples window-panes with pearls
And every ditch with mirth

© Janet Martin

I jotted this just before leaving to dabble in a totally different kind of art...PAINTING!
 I have never painted before in my life and it was very interesting and the instructor was patient and kind.
I think I could learn to like it with a few more lessons.

 His above and mine below...

(Much room for improvement, I know, but just putting a little blurb out here for others interested in checking it out because if I could paint something that vaguely resembles the instructor's painting ANYBODY can! )

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