Monday, February 17, 2020

The First and Final Word

God’s Word, righteous and glorious
Perfect, eternal, true
 It makes His love alive in us
Like nothing else will do

It equips, completes, trains, sustains
Corrects and edifies
Though all else fails, still IT remains
To make the simple wise

It does not cater to the flesh
But on its sacred page
Reveals God's perfect Righteousness
Unchanged from age to age

The judgment of ten thousand men
That knowledge may applaud
Is like the noise of small children
Without the Word of God

God’s grace will always be enough
To break the curse of sin
But only through His word in us
Can His power begin

A branch, when severed from the vine
Is a dead, fruitless thing
His Word is the faithful lifeline
To which the branches cling

God’s love is ever undeterred
A pure and perfect rod
In the Beginning was The Word
The Word Was and IS God

© Janet Martin

1 Thessalonians 2:13
And we continually thank God that in receiving the word of God from us,
 you did not accept it as the word of men, but as the true word of God--
the word now at work in you who believe.

 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

Every Scripture is God-breathed and profitable for instruction, for conviction,
 for correction, and for training in righteousness,
 so that the man of God may be complete, fully equipped for every good work.…
2 Tim.3:16-17

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Charcuterie of Poetry...

Regular routines have been derailed a bit the past few days/weeks.
I didn't forget about Thurs. what's-for supper etc.
In fact, this poem (if I remember correctly)was started for that purpose.
but my family prefers if I must choose between the two, that I choose cooking, not writing.
Because you can't (literally) eat a poem!
 and because I was really looking forward to sharing the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe
(from my friend's daughter's Cooking Through Generations blog)
here is the supper from last  Thursday's never-completed post...

But, because supper will never be enough to satisfy certain hungers
Here's to flavours not found in your cookbook!

I’ve tasted through the tracery of ink pressed into poetry
The glory of the written word like salt-spray from a surging sea
The ambiance of bygone days like echo-extract, bittersweet
The timbre of farewell poured from a flask to rain-strummed lane and street

There is a sense of ease about a breeze that bears spring’s heady hope
Of April sunshine like warm honey drizzled on a sunny slope
Sometimes the wind is seasoned with the wistfulness for what is not
Or pungent with aromas rousing awareness for what we’ve got

I’ve tasted summer in the middle of frigid February
Darling, this is the glorious gift of ink arranged in poetry
Ah, can’t you catch a hint of wild mint wafting from brook-banks below
Or muted essence of moments falling in apple-blossom snow

Labyrinthine of ink- cuisine is not a fast-food gulp-and-burp
Charcuterie of poetry is to savour like fine dessert
Aw, let’s not hurry so although there is always too much to do
Let’s linger longer; taste the lyrics of love's precious me-and-you

The bard has left for taste and touch (in books and such) a grand buffet
But weaves in it the sense of never enough hours in a day
To spell the whole of heart and soul leaves poets always on the verge
Of verse, to try to snare some remnants of life’s wonder-flavoured splurge

© Janet Martin

 click link for...
 Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe
 (from my friend's daughter's Cooking Through Generations blog)

I didn't have drumsticks so I cut up a small chicken , mixed seasonings,
rubbed it on and baked
Easy, quick,
nutritious and delicious!
My favorite kind of cooking!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Perfect Reason For All Seasons...

In life’s seasons cold and dismal beauty does not change its ways
Hope still bridges hurt abysmal, dawn still brims with Mercy’s gaze
Love still keeps redemption’s promise, (nothing dis-annuls God’s Word )
In the middle of life’s winter spring is waiting undeterred

In the middle of the muddle that can vex the well-laid plan
When the ways of God befuddle the determined ways of man
Love still stands amidst the rubble like hope’s gonfalon unfurled
God is bigger than the trouble that torments this broken world

When the weight of woe would crush us but for grace that sets us free
When the ache of longing rushes like a river to the sea
Love still grants the Perfect Reason to let our spirits soar
For love gives to every season so much to be thankful for

© Janet Martin

 How good it is to sing praises to our God,
    how pleasant and fitting to praise him!
Psalm 147:1

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sometimes A Poem...

 What's your poem today?
Even gray days brim with beauty...

Sometimes wonder needs an outlet
Sometimes longing needs a home
Sometimes mem’ries need a locket
Sometimes rev’rie needs to roam
Sometimes then, it seems we need a poem

Sometimes weakness needs a shoulder
To lean on, like strength of ink
Sometimes, as we’re growing older
We like taking time to think
Sometimes a poem grants that tender link

Sometimes we want to remember
Tints that seasoned tides attract
So we try to save September
Like gold glimmers, snared and stacked
Where a poem leaves gleaned sheaves intact

Sometimes summer needs retracing
Sometimes winter needs a prayer
Sometimes the Thing we’re embracing
Disappears into thin air
Sometimes a poem drives away despair

Sometimes moments need no music
Save a ballad bittersweet
Sometimes beauty needs no showcase
Save the heart that skips a beat
Sometimes a poem is all the love we need

© Janet Martin

Beholding Faithful Father-God...

 Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, 
that we should be called children of God!
1 John 3:1

We behold You where morning moors its ship on shores of blush and blue
Where circumstance is not by chance or love but for the chosen few
You greet us on dawn’s beaming street with what some deem a common nod
While all the while we’re witnessing the faithfulness of You, oh God

The rise and fall of all we cherish tunes the heart to treat Time well
How swift the gift of something new melts into mist where morning fell
Aha, the law of nature does not change its pattern or its pace
While all the while we’re witnessing the faithful lantern of Your grace

We behold you where mercy shakes the starry deep and dims the dark
New day unveils Hope’s awesome Door still open to Salvation’s Ark
Where all who enter find redemption, saved from Hades awful fate
While all the while we’re witnessing the holy agony of ‘wait

…while you love to delight the eye with all that faithfulness imparts
Where wonder wakens worship, even in hard, atheistic hearts
Where Unbelief is still belief but in far less than faith defends
While all the while we’re witnessing Your Providence that grace extends

We behold You in whispered utterances veiled as day-to-day
Behold, what manner of mercy always brushes the night away
Behold, what bold and beautiful testaments bend the sky and sod
While all the while we’re witnessing the faithfulness of Father-God

© Janet Martin