Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Good Day

Last Saturday(above photo) was a dazzling ice-dipped world. 

Today's window-scape is a seamless sweep of gray

...waiting to be undone by the sun.

From founts that none can fathom waning skies announce new day
A good day for returning to, while beginning anew
A good day to express the joy that only smiles can say
Come darling, for this day is young and we have life to do

Time’s line of hours strung together that none can behold
Save in the things we fill them with, is an elusive strand
How hardly we have held it then its nuance starts to fold
The sum of it dissolving like snowflakes upon a hand

This is no pretty ornament to set upon a shelf
This is the day the Lord has made; a well-spring without fame
To wring from it each drop, not in vain servitude to self
But with kindness and gratitude, to He from Whence it came

Unravel it with laughter, love and let time’s rafters ring
With praises poured in cups of tea, with labor meek and glad
For time is such a slippery sweep of gossamer, its string
A Thing we hardly hold before it is the day we had

© Janet Martin

 It's a good day for dreaming too!
Each morning on our computer Bing automatically posts a new desktop background.
Today's picture sparked dreams of going to Madeira ( a collection of islands near Portugal) to see these laurel trees!

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