Friday, March 4, 2016

Here-by We Go

With this little bit of time
With this ‘leap before the grave’
May we learn to make the most
Of who we are
With what we have

With this up-and-at-it wink
With this twinkle in time’s eye
May we chose to use each day
As God’s kind gift
To you and I

With this little have-and-hold
Before that last, letting go
May we live and give our best
To He whose grace
Here-by we go

© Janet Martin

I was going to begin today's duty-list,
then I hopped over to YDP to see what today's treat was
inspiring another quick bitty-ditty!
Jayne is sharing a good one for all of us.
You can read it here.

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!


  1. "Twinkle in time's eye" I love that line Janet. An inspiring write for the weekend ahead! :-)


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