Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To Whom It May Concern and Why

I want to look life straight in the eye
Be who you see, with nothing to hide
I don’t want to be half-me, half-fraud
I want to live like today
Is the day I am meeting God

It’s not always easy to be who we are
The strike of a serpent can leave ugly scars
I want to live with conscience set free
From who I once was
Or who, without grace I would be

I want to laugh, without guilt's discontent
I want to preach what I practice, Lord-lent
I don’t want to blush with heart-pounding fear
Should someone uncover
The other me beneath my veneer

No, I want to meet life stride for stride
And live as if time was not on my side
Once I was lost, but now I’m set free
I want each day to say thank-you, God
From the one and only me

© Janet Martin


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