Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Of Present Push and Pull #2

We are thankful
Life’s push and pull
Poised upon perhaps
Keeps us guessing
At the next thing
Pressed into our laps

It might be sweet
And kitten-soft
We'll pet its purring mew  
Until it scratches,
Bites and claws
Then we'll want something new

And we'll be glad
That what we had
Wore out its welcome, oh
And broke the ice
For something nice
-er, at least we hope so

Sometimes the tears
For far-fled years
Blind us to Here and Now
Until we see
How swift the plea
Of season stills the plow

Forbid we miss
The full of This
Arabesque, shimmer-kissed
Where present push and pull
Soon lulls
And new push-pulls insist

This montage of
The laws of love
Oft leaves us awed and vexed
Caught in between
All that has been
And what will happen next

© Janet Martin

Of Easel and Wine Press

My, what a fretwork of artwork we hold
Frames filled with claims, lent by God
Glimmers of cobalt and shimmers of gold
Tickle Time’s trembling facade

Ah, what an awesome Invitation, This
Rife with life’s breath-by-breath ‘oh’
Showers and flowers and hours we miss
And some we kiss once and let go

Duty is beauty in common disguise
Thank He who sends it each day
Savor the flavor where soon noon-day’s Prize
Like footprints in sand wash away

Well, well, we say, then the gray of goodnight
Brushes from sight, window-scapes
Thought traces places naught erases quite
It sips wine pressed from yester-shapes

What are we making of this holy haste ?
Eyes and ears, mouths, fingertips
Say, what will season the vintage we taste
When we lift thought’s glass to our lips

Darling, the arbor is heavy with grapes
Autumn insists on its due
Ah, something stirs; it blurs brawny landscapes
Shattered by silver and blue

© Janet Martin

Of Present Push and Pull

It grants us dances, thwarts our steps
It lets us leap and fall
A labyrinth of dreams and debts
And wonders big and small

Laughter and longing intermix
What seems a gathered sum
Is but a bitty bubble fixed
To what it will become

It bursts the bastioned bud with bloom
Bloom spills its beaming laud 
Threading the shuttle of a loom
 Mastered by nature's God

Earth’s births are hinged to death, but wait
Farewell hails veiled advent
It forges from felled gold a gate
To seasons not yet spent

It never stays the same for long
This present push and pull
Composes stanzas in a song
We never hear in full

© Janet Martin

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Source That Lends The Force...

This morning I got two words typed before the phone rang and
the bustling day swept me into its Must-dust,
but what a beauty it was, even if it was well-chilled;-)
I'm not sure if this is where the poem was headed this morning, but its what it became tonight!

The Source that lends the force whereby the discourse of day dawns
Stuns sleepy-headed spectators with gold on sun-kissed slopes
Stirred shadows stretch like charcoal sketches on streets, fields and lawns
And earth is like a freeway brimming with fresh dreams and hopes

Good morning, hallelujah and the new today begins
Swept into the direction of its predecessors, oh
I wish it would not hurry so; I scarce can take it in
Before dusk’s farewell colors fringe its intangible flow

High noon tunes heaven with fathoms of blue; ah, who dares boast?
We are so small compared to all the Awesomeness we see
Where we are honored onlookers to heaven’s billowed host
And earth showcasing glimpses of Creator’s majesty

The Source that lends the force whereby day’s discourse yields its zest
 Is like a fount from whence God’s autographs of love abound
Stark shadows stretch to dark etched paintings sculpted on the west
And earth is like a cot with heaven tucked in all around

© Janet Martin

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Time Takes Its Toll...and A Dave update!

 Time definitely takes its toll on bodies, no matter who we are sooner or later something gives out!
I have a friend who suddenly without warning lost sight in one eye. She, so youngish-seeming, will turn 70 at the end of the year, Lord willing, but oh, adapting to one-eyed vision is such a test!
Hard to drive, hard to read, hard to judge distance! Will you pray for her encouragement?
Jenny 15 yrs. old, one day a school-girl, the next in hospital with no feeling in her legs, then a cancer diagnosis, still in hospital and undergoing chemo-treatments!
Please pray for her and her family's encouragement!
I have a brother whose journey of healing after a fall at work in June is a huge test of patience for someone who loved work, and life! Will you pray for him and his family and their encouragement?
We all deal with small surrenders as we age, no matter how hard we fight;-)
Time takes its toll...on all but Soul!
Let's pray for each other's encouragement to fight the good fight!

Time takes its toll on all but Soul
This fragile flesh born for decay
Bears highs and lows as days disclose
High hopes and doubt, joy and dismay
And all that we can know for sure
Where we know trouble will not cease
Is this; nothing keeps us secure
Save God who grants midst mayhem, peace

In days of old wild flood-deeps rolled
Across the world, where Noah’s ark
Because he did what he was told
Carried him through days long and dark
…the ark of mercy waits today
Its door to safety beckons, come
Before grace seals The Only Way
Through His spilled blood to heaven’s Home

Then lest we, caught, when we think not
Are swept from this world up to God
And never scorn what saints applaud
Time does not wait but nears A Gate
Then pray the Lord Thy soul to keep
Lest caught off guard, we learn too late
That only flesh succumbs to sleep

© Janet Martin

 We must pay closer attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.
For if the message spoken by angels was binding,
and every transgression and disobedience received its just punishment,
how shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?
Heb. 2:1-3

The author of this song Fanny J. Crosby, was blind!

So no matter how hard the journey the believer's hope is fixed on things to come!

Dave update: It's been a while! but the journey is on-going.
(for previous updates click on Dave and Karen in labels section at the bottom of the post)
Yesterday he had an appointment with a specialist in Toronto.
 Here is an update from Dave's wife, Karen.
Hi Everyone
Here is the update from today's appointment
Today we went to meet with the specialist in Toronto. Came out of it with a lot of mixed emotions.
He has two problems. First is that he has a frozen shoulder, 2nd that the tear of the rotor cuff is so large not sure if surgery will even work.
He said surgery would not have happened right now anyways until we get the frozen shoulder fixed. He said that Dave's shoulder just doesn't move at all and has no strength in it. So he will be in contact with Dave's Physiotherapist in Elmira and let him know what he wants him to work on with him. Once we get that fixed then I think we will meet with the specialist again and go over our options.
I was kinda surprised,( I was sure that he would have surgery and it would be fixed) so at the appointment we didn't ask a lot of questions, but of course thought of a lot of questions that we should have asked on our way home - First we need to get the frozen shoulder gone- and see if that helps him to move that right shoulder and arm.
The one good thing is Dave doesn't have any pain with that arm ( unless of course he moves it the wrong way)
2nd is I was so worried about Dave going under for surgery with his lung - but I don't have to worry about that now. I know that God has the right time for everything, so please remember us in your prayers for us to have the patience we need with this part of his healing.
Dave ribs are still sore, but we know they said that that can take up to 6 months and we are not at 4 months yet.
Have a great weekend.