Thursday, March 5, 2015

Of Friendly Fireside

Color and temperature of a flame are dependent on the type of fuel involved...wikipedia

yes, its Wikem-Day. If you are a regular reader you will know what this means, but if you are new to this word, check its definition here!

I seek them out
Drawn it seems,
By fearless trust
And brave day-dreams
By history
Souls soft-stirred
With mystery
Eyes, like candles
Time is long
For they are young
So, I seek them out
Where hungry desire
Bids me warm frozen dreams
At childhood's fire

© Janet Martin

On Sunday I look forward to a new term as a grade six Sunday-school teacher. I am always excited, not so much for what I will teach them, but for what they will teach me!

Also, I would love to share one of my favorite fireside poems

There in the flame of the open grate,
All that is good in the past I see:
Red-lipped youth on the swinging gate,
Bright-eyed youth with its minstrelsy;
Girls and boys that I used to know,
Back in the days of Long Ago,
Troop before in the smoke and flame,
Chatter and sing, as the wild birds do.
Everyone I can call by name,
For the fire builds all of my youth anew.
Outside, people go stamping by,
Squeak of wheel on the evening air,
Stars and planets race through the sky,
Here are darkness and silence rare;
Only the flames in the open grate
Crackle and flare as they burn up hate,
Malice and envy and greed for gold,
Dancing, laughing my cares away;
I've forgotten that I am old,
Once again I'm a boy at play.
There in the flame of the open grate
Bright the pictures come and go;
Lovers swing on the garden gate,
Lovers kiss 'neath the mistletoe.
I've forgotten that I am old,
I've forgotten my story's told;
Whistling boy down the lane I stroll,
All untouched by the blows of fate,
Time turns back and I'm young of soul,
Dreaming there by the open grate.

To Time's Passengers

 The above message is for each of us to take to heart every day...
from the movie The Help

The strict alarm-clock bites the air
And pushes progress into flight
Cloud-ships, unruffled by fan-fare
Sail stirring seas of first daylight
Time’s passengers, we, the people
Rouse and rise to face, who knows?
Duty and desire mingle
In euphoric highs and lows

Beck and call fills out new dockets
Purposed or not, we all reply
Some, for pennies in their pockets
Some, for dream-dust in their eye
Some become the king of dollars
Some, pure sunshine for the heart
We, the people, first-time scholars
All must learn to do our part

…and within our coming-going
Whether we see it or not
We touch others, oft not knowing
The full impact of spilled thought
We, the people, yon and hither
Should keep this one thing in mind
…how our splash of dash-and-dither
Affects those following behind

© Janet Martin

I've been pondering this line since reading it the other day...

 But at that moment I realized what may be the biggest tragedy of all—that we can always see the effect of this world upon us, but rarely the effect of us upon the world.


If disappointment never addled
Or upset the way of Plan
If pleasure would cradle and coddle
The self-minded way of man
If no pain-sorrow would make clearer
Life's full joy; if hope, a sea
Of soft, thick-buttered bread would shimmer
What faithless fools we all would be

© Janet Martin

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shangri La

A person could get lost
Such as we were
Tucked ‘neath a quilt
Of word-hardy paper
She and I laughing
And splashing through nooks
Far, far away
In the land of books

© Janet Martin

When Winter Wends Its Way...

When winter wends its way at last
To sleep in pasture-lands of Past
When morning is a teddy-bear
With honey-sparkles in its hair
Then we will say, giddy and glad
That winter was not all that bad

When winter wends its way to where
It cannot reach from here to there
But fades into far yonder blue
Then earth, a brown and tattered shoe
Is polished by the silver strain
Of melting snow and pelting rain

When winter wends its way into
The book of Bygone, then we-two
So lark-happy in heart and soul
Will take a leisure country-stroll
To marvel how, where white had been
Earth’s easy-chair is velvet-green

When winter wends its way to bed
Too tired out to spout its dread
Then soon wild hyacinth will spill
To dot the plot of nook and hill
And every brook, set free, will sing
When winter wends its way…to spring

© Janet Martin

Yesterday they (the weather-people;) fore-casted our Spring Outlook...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 8:21 PM - 

Most Canadians can expect the weather to feel familiar this spring, as the trends that have prevailed over the winter are forecast to persist through March and beyond, according to The Weather Network’s 2015 Spring Outlook revealed March 3.
"Spring is going to come," chief meteorologist Chris Scott said of this long-range forecast for March, April and May. "It’s just going to be a bit delayed across the East."
The spring-like weather is due to start later for most, and remain colder than usual.
"What’s happened is a big part of what’s to come," he said. “March is a winter month."