Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blushing Birthplace

But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.

For today’s prompt, take a word or two invented by William Shakespeare, make it the title of your poem, and write your poem. Click here for a link to some words coined by Shakespeare, who was baptized on this date in 1564. If the link doesn’t work, here are a few: advertising, bloodstained, critic, dwindle, eyeball, hobnob, luggage, radiance, and zany. He invented more than 1,700!

Dark dwindles from lintels supporting space
As colors of daylight polish the sky
Where we bear witness to God's gift of grace
Stunning the ages with Time's newborn cry

Out on that line sealing heaven to earth
Hope's newness blushes, God brushes the air
With celebration, ah, hail the glad birth
Into this cradle of dirt, hurt, despair

...Mercy's allotment metes from dark, daylight
Who but our God can move midnight this way?
Dawn's birthplace blushes as His love ignites
Time's newborn offspring; we call it Today

Janet Martin

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I Don't Want To Miss You

I don’t want to miss
The way You tip the sky
And pour earth full of color
After slumber’s charcoal sigh

You spill all around us
A still-life madrigal
And I don’t want to miss
Its wonder-bliss free-fall it can pour
Like a holy shower
And drip from the edges
Of leaf and flower

Haste steals the taste
Of worship from my tongue
Where miracle-petals
Of mercy are flung

And I don’t want to miss
Being utterly awed
In a world of Masterpieces
Signed, yours truly, God

© Janet Martin

Happy Weekend. May it be filled with wonder/worship !

Friday, April 24, 2015


PAD Challenge has us contemplating moments today...

One moment can change Forever

Moment-matters Because Moments Matter

PAD challenge day 24:For today’s prompt, write a moment poem.

All we have is the fitting together
Of tick and tock, then these become
When all is joined of moment-measure
Life's total sum

Awesome,gossamer invitations
Spill from skeins somewhere aloft
To living's touch-taste celebrations
Subtle and soft

...and in this breath-by-breath allowance
Wrought in modest moment-mold
Chance, opportunity and choices
Unfold, then fold

In looking back sometimes we wonder
At Past's vast, quiet quantum
Shaped with nothing but moments and what
We did with them

Janet Martin

~If we value moments, we value life~


Thursday, April 23, 2015

First Harvest of the Year...Maple Gold (and a word about Winding Road Maple Products)

Today I visited my brother-in law to congratulate him and his business-partner, a cousin-in-law, on winning the award for Best-tasting Maple syrup in Woolwich Township. It really is The Best. I find myself sneaking a little nip from the jug now and then;-) because it so syrupy and sweet and maple-perfect!

Paul Martin(left) and Dale Martin (middle) own and operate Winding Road Maple Products
Follow link to read more on the details of who-what-where-when and so forth.
Not only is their product top-notch, so is the setting, nestled in among winding roads in rural serenity. Please use the 'how to buy' info to find out how you can taste this healthy Maple Goodness for yourself.

The blue lines you see are the lines through which the sap runs, replacing the traditional method of tapping with buckets(not as nostalgic but far more efficient), allowing producers to increase the number of trees tapped and then the volume of sap gathered to boil into syrup...don't worry! Tapping a healthy tree will not hurt it.
 Warmer temperatures turn sap too dark, so boiling it into syrup is over for this year but they are working at 'canning' it now;

 putting it into containers and sealing it, readying it for retail.

Their Store
Some of their product

Down country lane and winding road
Through thawing winter-wood retreat
The first harvest of every year
Is drip-drip-dripping, slow and sweet

Before the dog-tooth violet flaunts
Its dappled leaf in haunts of green
Before Jack takes his pulpit and
Gold prim-rose dots the meadow-stream

A spring-crop gleams, not from the field
Still barely waking from its rest
But from the maple-limb, a hymn
Of drip-drip-dripping harvest best

For every sugar maple-tree
Is like a vault of amber-gold
Within the dark of bark a sea
Of sweetness trembles in its hold

Then, just before the world turns green
After winter eases its grip
In that brief, gladsome in-between
We glean its maple drip-drip-drip

For pancakes, fritters, donuts, toast,
Popcorn and ice-cream, oatmeal,yum
 Maple syrup is spring's sweet boast
Come on now, won't you sample some?

© Janet Martin

Serious Business


Purple Clover (or alfalfa;) but its hard to rhyme alfalfa!

Pancakes, pansies, purple clover
Yesterday’s new hat
Suddenly we’re one year older
Just like that

Showers, flowers, tears and kisses
Pour from nature’s vat
Little girl becomes a missus
Just like that

Little becomes bigger, bigger
Kitten becomes cat
Boy become a ‘father figure’
Just like that

Sing, for we have seen the morning
Fling its welcome mat
Love crowns us king and queen, darling
Just like that

Let’s not worry about money
Past is growing fat
Time could foreclose on us, honey
Just like that

Pancakes, pansies, purple clover
Rhyme-and-chime combat
Someday it will all be over,
Just like that

© Janet Martin

Timeless Art

PAD Challenge day 23: (already?!)For today’s prompt, write a historic poem. 

Yesterday, Earth Day, Victoria(for new readers,she is our youngest daughter, 14) remembered that two years ago on that day she had no school and we went to choose Emily's(our oldest daughter, almost 23) wedding gown...history is that thing that happens while we're busy living/loving.

Floating in white satin 
and dreams
of 'happily ever after' 
I watched you 
whirling, twirling,
as reams 
of silk laughter
wrapped round and round
my heart
where, bravely
clinging to
the ground beneath my feet 
I stood
wearing the hallmark of years
while you sparkled 
through tears
in glass slippers 
and sweet
timeless art


Janet Martin


Something 'bout The Morning

There is something ‘bout the morning that inspires hope anew
When far and foreign hills appear in night’s receding hue
Where Yonder is a word that wears a fresh, unfaded gown
And wonder is a hurt that flirts twixt Knowing and Unknown

There is something ‘bout the morning that highlight’s Time’s bit by bit
And makes us dearly stagger at the weightless weight of it
For bit by bit becomes the Whole and what we do and say
In bit by bit allotments shapes far more than Yesterday

There is something ‘bout the morning; like a greeting card from God
As our eyes turn heavenward and our feet to sod
And we return, yet never quite, to what dusk-shadows stilled
Of missions not accomplished yet and vision unfulfilled

Futile to try to reconcile the ‘why’ that will not stop
‘Why some drink sorrow’s ocean and others taste but a drop’
Why some have everything and others nothing, so it seems
Futile to reconcile with eyes what faith-hope-trust esteems

There is something ‘bout the morning that replenishes the cup
Where twilight drained its remnant yet by daylight is filled up
Where stumble-fumbles testify at night on our behalf
Still, something ‘bout the morning rouses us to live, love, laugh

© Janet Martin

Good morning! Is it a good-white-April-morning where you are?
Victoria said it feels like her first day back to school after Christmas holidays;-)

As long as my main writing time is in the morning I imagine there will be Morning Poems because there's something 'bout morning that awes, A New every time!

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.