Thursday, November 21, 2019

November's Signature

Yesterday we were treated to what I call November's signature prints...
Two contrasting ribbons melded, of gray and gold.
I was concerned when the snow came early and stayed,
that we might miss this bit of brooding beauty!

(yesterday's temps at last were mild enough to make melodious melting-snow music!)
"What's that sound? " asked little girl yesterday as we played outside.
"That, my dear, is the best sound in the world!" I replied
as I showed her where the water was running from the down-spout.
"That is the sound of melting snow!"

The sharp contrasts of bronze and brooding blue
Are signature prints of November’s art
Spellbound am I by earth and heaven’s hue
As landscapes, leaf-bereft still thrill the heart

Precious intermission, as rain and snow
Duel in unrelenting tug-of-cloud
Before autumn surrenders and lets go
And Old Man Winter gloats, star-stoked and proud

But now let November bid us farewell
In panoramas steeped in rum-hued sweeps
Let us first feel, like a slow-pealing bell
Wild longing in the wind that moans and weeps

…and let us stand stock still, drawn by an ache
Akin to motherhood as child is weaned
And starts to stretch the ties that cannot break
While what must be keeps soulful senses keened

November is like autumn-song’s postlude
A sax solo played by the barren tree
Or penetrating hymn of gratitude
That wafts across the field and out to sea

© Janet Martin

A Rhyme For Time's Fellow-travelers

PAD Challenge day 21:For today’s prompt, write a travel poem...


We’ve come so far together, by time’s common tether bound
The shift of days to years endears us to its trampled dust
While well-known yet uncharted territory breaks new ground  
As on yon brink dawn yawns, bright pink and unveils frames of trust

Evidence of fresh favor fills a tray that brims with grace
Daybreak is like a scepter stretched across a waking world
Where pilgrims of love’s providence cannot one mile retrace
Where we are all trailblazers on dawn’s virgin breadth unfurled

How well we should have learned by now the way we ought to go
But somehow human nature is a stubborn mule to train
And bent on taking wrong turns, blazing through Caution-taped ‘no’
Till oh, the reason for its warning becomes very plain

I’m glad, aren’t you, that we never travel the same day twice
But always we embark upon the verge of bygone years
To leave within its wake testaments of virtue and vice
While molding crowns of wisdom with the spoil of smiles and tears

…as seasons surge and merge, its color-wheel is like a loom
That weaves time’s fallen leaves; how swift its subtle shuttle flies
The momentum of moments metes the mortar for the tomb
As the tempo of tick and tock composes lullabies

Some say that time is nothing but dust on a wayward wind
Some think that life's highway leads to, not through the silent grave
Some do not want to think about what soon is left behind
Or that which stems time's tide like the shoreline annuls the wave

Time brings us all together, voyageurs of day to day
To weathered high and lows in this who-knows-what-waits- sojourn
Where hope-and-dream’s horizon line is always far away
But here and now runs rife with life’s momentous no-return

© Janet Martin

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Like Shafts of Light

PAD Challenge day 20: For today’s prompt, write a light poem.

Futile to try to stopper ears
Or tie a blindfold good and tight
A poem disregards all spheres
And filters like a shaft of light
Through places that would not exist
Without a poet’s urge fulfilled
As jots and twirls of ink untwist
Into the art where Her heart spilled

Futile to steer Her by her arm
While poem’s unforbidden fruit
Dangles like plum-spangles, sun warm
And sweet as frost-kissed parsnip root
Where wild like ocean’s ebb and surge
Of waves that wash across the beach
She grapples with the tides that merge
With shafts of light just out of reach

© Janet Martin

Of Lifelong Learning...

...this is one of those days where poetry would pour from each pore
but Cutie-duty...
 ...and not-so-cute-Duty prevails!

 ...pegged this poem between phone-calls, hair-dryer hunt,
fire-tending, breakfast, etc.

Hope you all have a happy day!
We cannot thwart God’s hand unseen
But oh, we sure can make a mess
As we, impatient, ‘intervene’
In frames of would-be happiness

We cannot void the grace of God
But oh, we sure can prove its need
As we misinterpret Wait’s rod
And impatiently ‘intercede’

We cannot change what God has willed
But oh, we sure can leave a path
Of chaos and hard knocks fulfilled
In lifelong learning’s aftermath

© Janet Martin

Isa.55: 7-9
 Let the wicked man forsake his own way and the unrighteous man his own thoughts;
 let him return to the LORD, that He may have compassion, 
and to our God, for He will freely pardon.
 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
 so My ways are higher than your ways 
and My thoughts than your thoughts.…

Let's Get Real!

PAD Challenge day 20: For today’s prompt, write a light poem.

 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. 
Instead, they set it on a lamp-stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.
 In the same way, let your light shine before others, 
that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

This monument in the Port of Sydney, struck a powerful chord when we visited last year.
Let's pray for passion to reach and help the needy in the chilling storms of life!
None of us can do it all but all of us can do something!

this photo was taken at the Sydney Merchant Mariner's Memorial.

Yes. Let’s get real. The way we feel should strike a kindred cord
For we all bear the brunt of love and longing’s two-edged sword
Then let’s be honest with each other; that which disappears
Hones and reshapes us with the carving knife of days and years
Where what we hold of moment gold soon falls prey to past’s knell
(For He who gives has the authority to take as well)
Then let’s get real and focus on the way we ought to live
And recognize that what we have God lent to us to give
For we are called to love each other and make this our aim
To shine the Light of Him through us and glorify His name

Yes. Let’s get real where Want’s appeal is never satisfied
Let’s lay up treasure far beyond this frond of dust and pride
Let’s make it our mission to focus on love’s reply
And pray to God to help us when our longing runs awry
Where we are altogether first-time travelers of Time
And none of us can see beyond this Very Present Clime/climb
Where pray then, all together, tethered by hope’s heart and soul
Let’s live to help each other as we press toward The Goal
For we are called to shine our light through good deeds, Self-denied
So that our Father up in Heaven may be glorified

© Janet Martin