Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ethereal Inevitable

The sun crawls from its hiding place
To ether ladders scrawled in space
Where vapor-thin politeness graces,
Chases morning-tide
…and where dusk-velvet vesper dealt
Blue shadows, motionless they melt
Into nothing, seamless and svelte
As night and day’s divide

How is it, in the gathering
Of moments we are emptying
Yet all the while replenishing
With future-font, the past?
…your eyes tell me what words cannot
Propriety mutes un-spelled thought
We know only what Time has taught
Its friendship unabashed

The hierarchy of tick and tock
Scatters sweet summer to the walk
In petals, though we beg and balk
Days fill thought-gaze with years
…something akin to grief, I guess
Defends hope’s sudden helplessness
Where laughter yields to loneliness
As daylight disappears

© Janet Martin

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Warrior of Smile-caresses...

 I was glad that all of us could be together at the cottage for a few days...then, they 'had to go'. This afternoon Victoria hugged me and asked if I'm sad as I paused at the above photos and I smiled (shakily) and said, 'sorta sad yet so happy' and hugged her....hard;) reminding her (me) things never stay the same for long... (she missed them too). Rob and Emily surprised us last night by driving back up for one more night!!

She masks hunger wildly bleeding
Feels her face to find its smile
This is quite unlike those fleeting
Farewells we suffer a while

Bravely she becomes kind kisses
Love lends to parting’s embrace
Will to whisper warm word-wishes
Through a smile upon her face

Permanence of Past impresses
Compels her to persevere
Warrior of smile-caresses
Watches children disappear

Yet, scattered on paths behind her
Between vapor page preserved
Echoes love’s gentle reminder
Life gave more than she deserved

© Janet Martin

Yet Poor Enough

Rich enough to treasure joy
As hill and hollow spill
Like window-boxes to the world
Wild-flower miracle

Rich enough to feel the rush
Of wordless, wondrous awe
Where Perfect Painter dips his brush
To palettes without flaw

Rich enough to know the Staff
From whence all blessings flow
Where mercy pleads on our behalf
For all we do not know

Rich enough to taste the bread
That rains its crumbs on kings
Yet poor enough to prize the thread
That weaves life’s simple things

© Janet Martin

Often, as I enjoy the beauty of nature I think of the tour guide in mountainous Ecuador who reminded a friend(after he commented that 'at least they live among stunning beauty'),  'it is a great blessing indeed to be well and fed enough to enjoy nature's beauty'.

Dreamer's Summary

 (a sweet view through eyes half-closed this week).

That far-off speck on the skyline
Roars past; we wear its dust
While we toy with time’s inklings
Like maybes before Must

Oh, treasonous vexation
Primed in pittance of youth
Suave, without hesitation
Time wraps us in its truth

Dreamers distort the air
With self-supposed mirage
While breath-by-breath we bear and bare
What none can camouflage

…and all the by-and-bys
That once our minds composed
Are nothing now but wending sighs
Behind our eyes, half-closed

© Janet Martin

Of Endless Letting Go

But then it drifts away
Like ducks, past outstretched piers
A flicker ‘mongst the reeds or waves
Before it disappears

A mourning-tempo bends
The reaches of her soul
She cannot clasp what living lends
And time cannot console

The hour breaks in two
Morning slips into noon
Mist-mantled seas don eyes of blue
Ere evening comes too soon

Still, she craves to endure
This aching ebb and flow
Where life unfolds the sweet allure
Of endless letting go

© Janet Martin

...back home and going through the usual withdrawal symptoms;)

The tenure of this song sort of speaks my mindset right now...coming home to acquaint ourselves with the latest horror-headlines; no one can hide away on an island, completely unscathed and unaccountable, yet the sweetness of those 'get-away' echoes spurs us on.