Saturday, August 27, 2016

More Than Mere Must

Oh Lord, you know
Our heart of hearts
Where somber, secret
Sorrow smarts
You hear those words
 We cannot speak
Save in a tear
Upon the cheek

Thank-you Lord
Then help us trust
Grant love to do more
Than Mere Must

© Janet Martin 

 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

How Doth An August Day...

How doth an August day soft-fade
Like mist, sun-kissed and echo-frayed
In sunflower and loose-strife spires
In vibrato of cricket-choirs
In zinnia rainbows scattered where
Our step is slow and toes are bare
As dust and heat-sweet lazy haze
Winnows the street of August days

How doth an August day grow dim
And drain the summer of its vim
In moment-masterpieces blurred
In flit of finch and hummingbird
In orchard-fruit and garden fare
In poetry of yellow pear
It strums willow and poplar arch
And runs its touch o’er corn-field harps full-moon halo, canning jars,
In blue lakes straked with silver stars
It falters in a mother's sighs
On altars beneath blue-some skies
In marigold and floppy hats
In lemonade and late-day naps
Soundless, it seeps from here to there
As silent streams wane summer's air

How doth an August day become
Peaches and cream, a purple plum
A splash upon bronzed avenue
In watermelon, rain-song, dew
It strips clock-ships of laughing hours
And scatters days like tattered flowers
While children clap and dash and play
There go-eth, go-eth August’s day

© Janet Martin

Friday, August 26, 2016

You Are My Poem

 ...from a mother to her daughters.
This poem does NOT exclude sons:)

You are my poem
Of laughter and longing
Of having and holding
And slow letting go

You are my poem of
Learning and teaching
Of bowing and reaching
Of lingering…oh!

You are my poem of
Hunger and hurting
And heart overflowing
With more-than-enough

You are my poem
Of precious existence
Wrapped up in one 

© Janet Martin


We Can Do It!

How will I do it?! one of ours wondered as she anxiously peered into The Future.
"My dear, you'll do it the way people have been doing it since the day at a Time!"

Sometimes, in the middle of the muddle, when we are feeling a little discouraged
 someone calls needing words of encouragement 
 and suddenly, through our words to them we are reminded and encouraged!
Thank-you, God

...and thank-you for little teachers who remind us to live in the moment!


Life is not a here-you-go, lump-sum deal
Or 'luck of the draw' nor  'spin of the wheel'
No, life is a day-by-day thoroughfare
Ever beneath a faithful  Father's care

We ought not fret about what we can't know
Life is a daily by-God's-grace-we-go
When we get There in life's day-by-day stride
Then oh, my dear, faithful God will provide

Life, praise the Lord is not a 'how can I?'
It is a 'we-deal', God-with-us, oh my,
Step-by-step-day-by-day, come-what-may-span
With God to lead the way, thereby We can

Love, Mom
aka Janet Martin

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding; 
 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.


The Best There Is To Do

Ho-hum, I said under my breath this morning as I viewed a mental mountain.
'What did you say?' asked Matt, heading out the door to work with fresh-made lunch, fresh coffee and fresh ice-water.
'Oh, I just said ho-hum' I replied...

The Best There Is To Do wears humble threads of spoil and toil
Ho-hum, ho-hum we say as we purview its Want displayed
And sometimes we are almost overwhelmed with mundane moil
Therefore we ought not to pursue it until we have prayed

The Best There Is To Do is living proof that we are blessed
Pity the one who has no one to multiply life’s care
For though sometimes the weight of it seems an endurance test
Surely the Lord will grant us strength if we seek Him in prayer

If we have mouths to feed and means with which to earn our bread
If we have hands to touch and hold The Much of much ado
Then it behooves us, in each day to humbly bow the head
And thank God for the gift that gives The Best There Is To Do

© Janet Martin

Actually, in a bit of reconsideration of the last stanza, it behooves us to bow our heads and give thanks. period. there are no 'ifs' in thanking God. 

 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
Ps. 107:1

Happy Blessed Friday. 
I'm off to rearrange some of the above photos;-)

With love and prayers 
for all of our poetry wainting (waiting/wanting) to be written,

The Best There Is (For Now)

The Best There Is breaks through the mist and wakes the air with gold
Without a look askance Patience refurbishes our hold
And while we struggle on toward the climax of this Climb
The Best There Is (for now) unravels seasons into Time

The outcome of The Best There Is (for now) is veiled in hours
Its substance lights time’s temp’ral flare and annihilates flowers
Though victory is certain for the one who has believed
On this side of The Curtain oft, the heart is vexed and grieved

We cannot bypass misfortune; oh, we would if we could
The Best There Is (for now) insists upon its honing good
And offers, for our pain and pleasure, views in sundry hue
Ah, though hurt metes its measure; there is joy and laughter too

We, shod with ignorance that knowledge cannot supersede
Are often quite breath-taken with the colors of our need
As, poised upon a mystic brink of who-what-when-where-how
We, by God’s grace embark upon The Best There Is (for now)

© Janet Martin