Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Let’s go away
I don’t care
To taste the Sweet
Place of Us

Let’s go away
We’ll amble and
To taste the joy
Of coming

© Janet Martin


When Daylight dips its brush into
A pot of gold and black and blue
And tips the jars of musk and dew
I think that heaven’s river drains
And lends to dusk a glimpse of When
We set aside this Stride and Yen
To see with eyes the Prize of Then
Where now imagination strains

When Daylight lowers a dark cape
To snuff the color from land’s scape
And mute the noise of joys that shape
The Corridors of Looking Back
I think that, though we cannot see
Somewhere a seraph-company
Soft-stills then spills things heavenly
To earth in angel-robes of black

When Daylight fades then disappears
Into the Place of Finished Years
With faces framed in smiles and tears
How easily the heart believes
In Heaven as it bends to touch
The dirt and hurt of hearts and such
Then kind-kisses with stars the Crutch
We lean upon on Bygone’s sheaves

© Janet Martin

(since our internet never works after a certain time of day, I've had to resign my sop(seat of pants) blogging to a different style, like posting dusk poems at dawn etc:)

Of Half-Masterpieces

Pen cannot full-capture
What thought’s spirit cries
With humble word-stature
Still, the poet tries

The cocoon of nature
Frees its butterflies
Words cannot paint Rapture
But the poet tries

With the will of warrior
Ink-shod fervor plies
Scaling heaven’s foothills
Reaching for its skies

…to unravel glimpses
With word-twist and curve
Awed half-masterpieces
Of the God we serve

© Janet Martin

I leaned out of the window as we drove down back-roads,
 straining to capture God-poetry too awesome for words…

 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Ps.19:1

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Free To Choose

 My reluctant relationship with these guys (potato bugs;) is on-going because they will take over if I don't!
So, instead of focusing on them I look around to remind me why I garden...

If we dwell on the bad of it
The slip and stumble sad of it
And what we wish we had a bit
More of, then we would lose
The grace and glory glad of it
The bud and beauty rad of it
The laughing, leaping love of it
That we are free to choose

© Janet Martin

I have a few more 'glad' photos to add but the internet keeps disconnecting!!! and has slowed to a potato-bug crawl!!! (actually, slower than that)

Of Moments Together...

Our moments together tune a clock not shown to man
Thus we should love each other in the best ways that we can
For who can know the hour when the flower falls away?
And who can guarantee that we will not see death today?

Our moments together are a precious gift from God
Someday He will untether ties that bind this dust to sod
And who of us can know how, when or who the tug will draw
From this thin clutch of touch cradled within time’s sacred law

Our moments together pass oft, without second thought
Where lintels drip with laughter, hunger, anger, lessons taught
As soft, ever so softly seeps the lowering of dark
To nudge the Hand upon Time’s clock toward its final mark

© Janet Martin