Sunday, June 26, 2016

Unspoken Understanding

Today,  I ask you to write a love poem. Not for your spouse or significant other. Not to your children or parents. Not to a lost love. I want you to write a love poem to your favorite character in literature. Or Television show or Movie. A variation of this… write the love poem to yourself as that character you admire! Even though the “love” will be unrequited, spill the passion. Write the love poem! (Don’t worry, no relationship will be harmed in the execution of this exercise!)

Yes, we understand each other
Kindred spirits, kept apart
By too many generations
Long lost lovers, heart to heart

They don’t make them like they used to
Your blue eyes can undo years
Until nothing seems between us
Then we dance; time disappears

When you waited in that meadow
Grief and passion inter-wound
I knew I’d love you forever
Farewell forced by moral ground

I won’t tell, and you can’t, darling
Come close, let me hold your hand
Soft, the seasons fall between us
Yet I know you understand

© Janet Martin

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Summer Saturday Morning

How green the landscape lies
How blue its new-day skies
How gold the honeyed sighs
Where sun-kissed morning brims
How plush the blush of bloom
How lush, earth’s living room
How heavenly the tune
Of summer-colored hymns

How thrilled with awe are we
How stilled, anxiety
How filled with gaiety
Is summer's earth again
How humbly glad we raise
Hearts filled with songs of praise
To the Lord of our days

© Janet Martin

Wishing you a week-end of summer-colored hymns!
To God be the glory. 

(Lawn-lushness is struggling due to lack of rain)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Of Time's Employ

The toil of life can wear us thin
Its strife can vex the bravest grin
It draws its laws across our skin
And no one is immune
The cares of life oppress this dust
The prayers of life address our trust
We bear love’s dares because we must
Both December and June

The wants of life, the taunts of life
The hi-way, bye-way, my-way strife
Is like a subtle carving knife
That whittles days with ease
The child into a woman, man
The mother, startled by the span
Of tick and tock does all she can
To make sweet memories

The dirt of it, the hurt of it
The run-walk-crawl, stand tall, ah, sit
In time’s grand scheme is but a flit
Before the by and by
The boy-oh-boy, the joy-oh-joy
The hidey-ho of dawn’s ahoy
Become the echoes we employ
When Twilight fills the sky

© Janet Martin

Monica is sharing some wonderful glimpses of her 'Time's employ' here.

A Little-Life Reminder

If we are blessed with people to love then life is busy...thank God for it!
Let's NEVER be too busy to miss life or God.

Below, a glimpse of the last 24 hrs. of beautiful busyness! 

Highlights;Victoria's last day of Grade nine.
The deck is finally stained!
The bags of dried beans I got a while ago are cooked and cooling!
...oh, and yummy cinnamon buns.  ( I hope to share that recipe soon. it's quick and easy!)
I could go on but I won't bore you with how the coffee maker died(A serious OH-NO) in this house,
but the hardware store 2 min. up the road opens at 7:00 a.m yay!!!
The tea I set beside my bed last night to cool is.... well...well-cooled:) 
... I woke up with my face tucked between the pages of Nehemiah.

Take the time to make the time
To live with hope and cheer
To tell someone you love them,
Take the time to hold them near

Toil and spoil thereof, my love
Will always clamor, oh,
The road to graves is paved with slaves
To this worlds wants and woe

Then make the time to take the time
To slow your feet, kneel, pray
Thank the Lord above
For His kind love to lead the way

...and pause to praise his handiwork
And gaze with humble awe
At evidences of His presence
Tuning Time’s tried law

 …and never be too taken here
With Worry’s endless strife
Because the time we take, my dear
Is what will make our life

© Janet Martin

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Time's Celebration

The fattest and most scrumptious of all flowers, a rare fusion of fluff and majesty, the peony is now coming into bloom.
–Henry Mitchell, American writer (1923-93)

Like children, young peonies take time to develop. They usually need a few years to establish themselves, bloom, and grow.
Peonies thrive on benign neglect. Unlike most perennials, they don’t need to be dug and divided.

June is like a festival
Honoring each hour
Pink parades of peony,
Purple wild-phlox bow'r

Buttercups and cowslip-seas
White anemone stars
Scatter summer's luxuries
From heaven-held jars

Daisy-dells ,musk-mallow bells
Fields of clover-swoon
Nature's invitation to
Time's celebration


Our peony-season was cut short by scorching winds:(

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


How seasons change
They rearrange
Our window-scapes
…a picture show
Of rain and rose
Good-byes, hellos
Of holding close
And letting go
A soft, slow dance
Life’s strange romance
Its Casanova
Dressed as days
While, all the while
We try to smile
And brave the wave
Of grown-up days

© Janet Martin  

I try not to let it bother me...
the fading green,
where gold seeps in
 ...the subtle sweep
of summer caught
in curtains blue
and vapor-thin