Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Lion

Now The Lion is unleashing a full-scale attack!

You scratch at window panes
And roar through open fell
With switching tail you scale the hill
And leap into the dell
You scare the docile lamb
She shivers, not from cold
But from the thought of what would be
If you should find her fold

You growl, low guttural
Where the landscape is blurred
And utter threats as if you sense
Sweet Something undeterred
You rake the air; stars shutter
And fall beneath your paw
And little do you know, you prove
The art of nature’s law

You shake your hoary mane
And claw at barren trees
You lunge at earth, again, again
Your wild heart to appease
…but, soon you will fall prey
To that which none can keep
Defeated, you will slink away
Where all March lions sleep

© Janet Martin


  1. Love the image of March lions! Brrrrilliant, Janet :)

    1. Thank-you! I had SO much fun with this one as the wind snarled outside windows and roared across fields!


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