Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Since Time Began...

 Victoria and I oohed and aahed to our hearts content yesterday as the sky wowed its spectators!

Heaven-heights declare night-day
Where its vaults beget
Time’s triumphant interplay
Of sun rise and set

Over far-off eastern hills
God unveils a door
Where the gold of morning spills
To both rich and poor

… then the middling-way of noon
Like a carving knife
Chisels from gossamer swoon
That which shapes a life

Intervention of the deep
Overtakes the day
Ruddy benedictions seep
Through its blue and gray

Where grand eons overhead
Testify God’s grace
As worship, want, hope and dread
Deftly interlace

© Janet Martin

It must have been a Romanticist that made this fence:)

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