Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reason to Sing

 Yesterday as the choir assembled for the last practice before today's performance the fellow who opened our meeting prayed and thanked God for always giving us reason to sing!

 (We are trying to recover from another ice storm. Glad our electricity is back! Soon after the previous post we joined those who were out of power...hydro-power, that is;-) The electricity is back but not the trees! many lost trees! We, at our house are mourning the loss of our red maple and a big piece of our Manitoba Maple!)

In spite of the sudden way life changes gears
And thus reminds us of all time endears
In spite of how smiles can end in love’s tears
God gives us reason to sing

In spite of all that we once held then lost
As we learn how to love what matters most
Counting with new, humble rev’rence, its cost
God gives us reason to sing

In spite of all that is waiting to be
Poured between future and soon-history
Where its fulfillment nobody can see
God gives us reason to sing

Sing for the love that will never forsake
Sing for the hope that tunes every day break
Sing for the mercy and grace we partake
From God who gives reason to sing

© Janet Martin

It's been a hectic and wearing few days but today was spent with family and friends, counting blessings and remembering the reason we have to sing...

"Why do you seek the living One among the dead? "He is not here, but He has risen!
Luke 24:5-6

Hope is the joy we celebrate not only on Easter Day but Every Day!

Hope to share more photos on the morrow!

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