Monday, March 28, 2016

Why and How We Are Able...

Could we, without a God of grace
Be brave enough to face the foe
Or bear to drink life’s cup of woe
Or surrender when God says ‘no’?

Could we without a God of hope
Dare to embark on a new day
Where none but He can see the way
And we could not know what to pray?

Could we, without a God of love
Suffer life’s sorrows or its joy?
Or teach the tender girl or boy?
Or trust in what none can destroy?

Could we without a God of life
Begin to live or breathe at all?
How would we rise after we fall?
Or time be more than death’s dread pall?

Could we know grace, hope, love below
Without this One true God? No, no!

© Janet Martin

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