Sunday, March 6, 2016

Around-and-Around-We-Go Medley

 With Sunday School lessons and potlucks to prepare for this morning, all I could manage was a quick dash out the front door for a few camera-clicks to capture a few keepsakes of a beautiful Worship-day Wonderland... home late this afternoon because we had choir practice for the Easter Service after the potluck.
What was waiting to greet me? A HUGE pile of dirty dishes from all the food prep + potluck empties:) and I thought about how long it took to fill those dishes, how quickly they are scraped clean, how we fill, empty, wash and dry dishes, go to bed and, Lord willing, get up and do it all again. Hallelujah!

(I can sing hallelujah because the dishes are washed first word when I came in was more like UGH!!!) until I remembered how blessed we are!

Though each day turns dormant
Its measure is rife
With the haste of moments
That soon makes a life

Time’s river runs rampant
‘Neath foothills and stars
Its morn melts the heavens
That twilight unbars

Spring, summer, fall, winter
How seamless they flow
Whatever the weather
By God’s grace we go

Wash and dry, wake and sleep
Work, play, pause, oh my
Dance and dream, loll and leap
Hello and good-bye

Life-circle of seasons
Spill ‘til death’s divide
There beggars and barons
Slumber side by side

...though each day turns dormant
Its measure is rife
With moment on moment
That becomes a life

© Janet Martin

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