Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Mosaic

I love the above poem!
...because I love March

...the tapestry that clothed the land has holes worn in its crooks
Yon slope dotted with sleds and skiers loses its allure
And everywhere we stare we hear a rush of newborn brooks
Streaming toward that fairyland of flower-laden moor

Those steps that hurry-scurried home to fire-friendly hearth
Dally, for oh, the valley is a panoramic treat
Of hope and dream for things soon green where long this girth of earth
Wore white; the sight of holes in it puts bounce back into feet

The sky sings hallelujah for a winter-season spent
The sun splashes a patch-work quilt of thatch onto the snow
And feather-throated choristers regale the firmament
With praise for days more suited to their flitting to and fro

The sill upon which will and want seem to agree at last
Is filled with laughter spilling from like-minded fellow-men
Who love a little slower and don’t hunger for the Past
Because they know that March will bring them springtime once again

© Janet Martin

The sun is trying hard to be March-like today!


  1. In tribute to your recent ice storm and the passing of tribute to your own passion for the wonders of creation as they break over the earth:


    On these electric branches
    The lightenings of the sun
    Shall smite as Moses smote the rock
    And tides of life shall run.

    The miracles of April
    God's first and fairest were.
    The wonders of the earth are things
    Which constantly occur.

    Roy Helton (1886-1977)

    1. LOVE this! thank-you:) You just made my day! What a lovely present!


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