Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Child in Us

It seems that ‘growing up’ insists on tempering our touch
I pray, God keep the child in us immune to years and such
Maturity is needful, yes, but oh, in spite of it
Permit us to stay young enough to romp with elves a bit
…and never outgrow tea-parties with griffins, wood-nymphs, gnomes
Permit the child in us to keep a pixie in our homes
Sustain, after we are all grown, the world-that-never-was
And let it keep alive a carefree bit of child in us

© Janet Martin

Cyndy's Post reminded me of a story I read recently about Rev. Charles Ludwig Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll 
Click on images to enlarge then right-click on 'view image' to zoom in for easy reading.
This story is from a Book entitled Arrows of Desire by F.W. Boreham D.D.

Having just read this story helped me to notice this book  at our local thrift store! 


  1. Jiggery-pokery? Love it.
    Thanks, Janet. A great poem and my point in life exactly! I love the books, too.

    1. Thank-you. I have not had tea with the Mad Hatter in years but I plan to soon! as well, I love the book containing the story of Lewis Carroll. I will definitely be on the hunt for more of this author's books!


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