Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Look and Look Again!

Look, look, the brook is mantled in the white of winter’s wool
Look, see how soon the sun slants and noon dons a bluer tulle
And look at how each season brims and spills with thrills re-clad
Look, look for life is full of lovely reasons to be glad

Look, look the dark is stirred and gives birth to the light of day
The bird sings for the joy of it in spite of gold or gray
Look, where the flower fell; it’s bell the nucleus whereby
Spring’s belfries are refurbished as the seeds of it reply

Look, look there are no little things where God applies His hand
To try to count His gifts is like numbering grains of sand
The mind of man cannot begin to explain wonders wrought
Where all we do is look and see law’s learned yet never taught

Ah, who can force the bud to bloom or alter the discourse
Of morn to noon to night; can any bind or find its source?
And where is the beginning or the end of what we see?
We look and guess while God grants glimpses of His Majesty

Look, look, for we cannot afford to subsist, wide-eye-blind
Look, life is full of lovelinesses; they who seek will find
The Brigadoon we sigh for cries before our very gaze
Come, let us get acquainted with the wide world and its ways

© Janet Martin

I had to wait 40 min. for the grocery store to open this morning . Why? Because after I took my son in to town to get hubby's pick-up it seemed foolish to drive the 20. min. home only to return an hour later...My waiting-book in the vehicle is still Little Men by Louisa May Alcott.
Here are a few lines I particularly enjoyed today and thought you might too!


  1. Love the looking theme in poem and Alcott quotes! Lucky for us that you had the waiting time and pondered such!

    1. Thank-you:)
      What first seemed a highly vexing thing turned out to be super-inspirational 'mini-vacation' as i lolled in the willow branches with Jo's boys:)
      I love Alcott's writings because of paragraphs like this! she gifts the reader with profound one-liners intricately tucked into her stories!

      p.s. I will be returning to your post today, after photographing and posting a story I read recently about Rev. Charles Ludwig Dodgeson aka Lewis Carroll.


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