Friday, March 11, 2016

In Return...

If I, upon some straying thought
Should chance to hap across your mind
Then I would like to think perhaps
Your thoughts of me are glad and kind

Then likewise, if and when, my dear
The thought of you stirs me to yearn
Oh, I would like to think I’d think
As kindly of you in return

© Janet Martin

For all the joy that still is, on some days I wildly miss
what is no more...
those days before womanhood drove dreamers close to us
toward farther-away doors,

...but, if asked to trade back this day for Then
I would say 'no',
Because I would rob them of the joy
that comes before the hard heart-tug of letting go...

(This thought-line caused me to ponder other friendships that pass.
Spring-cleaning cupboards allows thinking-time;-))

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