Saturday, March 12, 2016

March is a Dreamer's World

This is a summer-dreamer’s world;
We scale its umber bars
To sit upon the soon-green slope
Where buttercups splash stars
And red-wing warblers trill from reeds
Still stiff and winter-stark
Where soon spring-peeper orchestras
Will serenade the dark
…and what so long we waited on
Will spill from east to west
In love-songs written where the dawn
Is soft and dew-caressed
And dusk is like a lusty bard
Holding a musky quill
And from it drips the evening star
The inkwell is a hill
And Time, ah, time is our friend
Its pockets spilling blooms
Where bare feet linger once again
In Nature’s living-rooms
And brooks will splash their silver sash
Where swallows dip and dart
And earth is like a gallery
Of almost-summer art

© Janet Martin

Victoria and I are dashing through chores so we can spend the afternoon
splashing through a June-like March day!
A great beginning to March-break in Canada!

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