Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ways of Days

Trees shed glass leaves and wait for green of spring.

The ways of moments toss
Their fortunes to the air
Futility mourns for the loss
Of days no longer there

The bitter and the sweet
Compete then coalesce
The silent sorrow of defeat
Mingles with happiness

There is no going back
To retrace Bygone’s path
We search for what we love or lack
Here, in its aftermath

…as ways of moments spill
Fresh opportunity
Into the air where want and will
Turn it to memory

© Janet Martin

Today's moments plan to include the laying to rest of hubby's Aunt Verna. 
The Lord has taken her out of her suffering at last!

We are not living in the Day of Judgement
We are living in the days of grace.
Lord, pray that we repent, recieve
Thy gift before it is too late!

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