Thursday, March 10, 2016

No Small Tears

Our hard times may never make headlines,
They seem common when shaped into word
But that does not mean they don’t matter
Or that their weight does not hurt

Our sorrows may not seem as rending
As some perhaps others have borne
But tears do not judge rights of reason
As they fall from hearts love-torn

The pain we suffer may seem smaller
Than some we compare ourselves to
But oh, it still hurts and still matters
In spite of what others go through

We are all in this together
Fellow-travelers, one and all
Shoulder to shoulder to weather life’s storms
Whether they are big or small

© Janet Martin

Sometimes as I read about people weathering the big storms of life, the really hard storms I’m embarrassed at my own little trouble-heap…but the truth is, hurt hurts no matter what scale we set it on and tears we weep matter when they are ours, no matter how small their sorrow may seem on the comparison-scale, because
When we love there are no ‘small tears’!
God cares no matter the size of the trouble. We can tell Him about it and as we watch those called to weather big storms we can learn so much about weathering our own for who knows when our bigger storms may come?
Oh. Yes, God does.


  1. Funny how often our thoughts align.. At supper I told them how sometimes I realise how petty my troubles are ...and said how I watched a young girl with two very turned in feet hobble cumbersomely down the sidewalk today. I guess that's why we need each that we never become self suffcient and all knowing..

  2. This is true stuff. I can so relate to your thoughts. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Jen, I ho-hummed about posting this one for fear of being misunderstood...thank-you for understanding!!


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