Friday, March 18, 2016

Just In Case

How seamless moments meld; a mute succession that creates
The pictures thought will gaze upon as dawn to dusk abates
Ah, pray we do not take for-granted time's gossamer rain
That falls then fades, in case we never meet like this again

How deft the hand that weaves the strand that spills from God to us
How swift the span that closes in where we grin, fret and fuss
The blue-eyed sky grows sleepy and the gates that flung afar
At dawn are drawn and bolted with a brooch of evening star

The sky is painted yellow where dusk’s cello-anthems waft
Then softly disappear into a diamond-studded loft
How hardly we have held those sequences that tock and tick
Now welded to the cast of past; a muted mosaic

We cannot still the tempest that runs through the skin of days
And sets afire the hour that sets hearts and souls ablaze
Nor can we tell how near or far we are to farewell’s pain
So, we should dance in case we never get the chance again

© Janet Martin

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