Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where Dark and Light Collide

PAD Challenge day 27: write a monster poem

You slink between whispers
And hide beneath pillows
Tireless fiend, you torment and impose
Ill-favored presence
Wherever the essence
Of faith-flicker falters; you flaunt grim unknowns

You mock and scorn
Where Hope, tear-stained and torn
Clutches a candle and kisses dark seas
Devious fraud
As your sickle, a god
Unto the wicked, draws faith to its knees

Skeletal carcass
Wherever the dark is
Here, in your glory you unleash your breath
Pitiless reaper
And merciless schemer
Gathering souls for a harvest of death
We could not chance
Morrow’s imminence
Save for One greater to comfort and cheer
In vain you lash
Seething where demons thrash
For Faith in God grounded is greater than fear

© Janet Martin


  1. Excellent poem, Janet. Makes me ashamed of my half hearted entry. I did try, nothing was forthcoming today, oh well.
    Thank you. I enjoyed reading this piece.

    ~ Michael

  2. thank-you Mike. First I groaned when I saw Monsters prompt, but then I remembered the one that constantly tries me!!


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