Friday, April 18, 2014

Weathered by Weather...

We have had one truly warm day since last fall.(Oct.12,2013 was perfect weather but we really have had very little to get excited about weather-wise since then) I don't believe in grumbling about weather but it is okay to wish, right?  After so much snow and rain the lawn is a soggy mattress. Robins are anxiously waiting for worms and we are anxious to get out and clean up after last Dec.'s ice-storm. The branches have been buried in snow ever since! side-note; exactly a year ago we were cleaning up after April's ice-storm. Both storms resulted in huge and long power-outages so I am not really complaining about a bit of snow this week, or rain, yet we are all hungry for sun and thinking of farmers becoming more restless with each passing week of patience-testing...

PAD challenge day 18: write a weather poem

Love me with your lips of gold
Darling, I am not a king
But a beggar shivering
Where your eye is gray and cold

I would lie prostrate and still
In the middle-afternoon
Just to feel your whisper swoon
Over me in violet thrill

Did I mention, I am cold?
My defense of you is weak
Where you kiss my weathered cheek  
Philanderer; bullish and bold

You embellish your advance
With bird-song and nature-lilt
Scorned, I huddled 'neath a quilt
Subjected to raw romance

...of sub-zero April gray
Love should not keep score, but oh
I miss your golden laughter so
Darling, have you lost you way?

 Janet Martin

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