Saturday, April 5, 2014

Waiting to be Discovered...

PAD challenge day 5: write a discovery poem

We come, running thought over curvature, line
Ancient twists, yet never old
Ink-jeweled buds on an alphabet vine
What will each flower unfold?

Discovery is a beautiful rush
The artist of ink is a king
See how new empires unfurl from his brush
Words are a wonder-full thing

Shuffle, arrange, rearrange; what will be?
Over and over again
Message and medium intricately
Mingling in drops from a pen

Drawn to this well of infinity
We know that here we can find
Unending treasure; possibility
As broad as the reach of the mind

Poetry hovers, its fanciful form
Wafting in whispers unstrung
Ah, how the surge of its sweet, soundless storm
Vexes the want on my tongue

© Janet Martin  

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