Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two-for-two Tuesday...Ah, Mystery

PAD challenge day 15: two-for-two Tues: write a love poem. write an anti-love poem

Worthless when kept
It is laughed,
Groaned and wept
For it we die
And live
None are so rich
That they no longer need it
Or too poor to
Have It to give

Climax of joy
Yet apex of sorrow
Bitter and sweet
It can never be
Stolen or borrowed
By God designed

We cannot gather
Or hoard it; its increase
Can only be given
To prove
Its divine fullness
Ah, who can explain
The glorious Mystery
Of Love?

© Janet Martin

Ah, Mystery (Anti-love)

Gentle and kind
Holy, humble Healer
Heavenly Father
Comforter, Friend
Lamb on a cross,
Pardon perfected
Hope and salvation
Love without end

Gentle and kind
Yet scorned and rejected
Holy humble Healer
Yet pierced with a sword
Heavenly Father
Hated without reason
Comforter, Friend
Crucified; our Lord
Lamb on a Cross
Bleeding redemption
Pardon perfected
For hate could not slay
Hope and salvation
Free through the ages
Love without end
…yet we turn away

© Janet Martin


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