Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two-for-two Tuesday Tango with a Tempest

PAD challenge say 8: Two-for-two Tues.Write a violence poem. Write a peace poem

When you touch me you do not come in peace
Trembling I sense your demands; raging fire
Of need, expectation, passion; you release
The will of your want to my nervous desire
You do not care for my well-designed phrase
You are a hunter for virgin surprise
Scorning the whisper of weathered clichés
Spitting at fraudulent, fainthearted guise

‘Come to me. Leave me. Oh no, stay I pray,
I cannot bear to live without the storm
Of you ever splayed in relentless blue-gray
Tearing the cloth from my well-guarded form’
Tug-of-war tango, you teach me to dance
Willing the courage of word to my lips
Stripping the raiment of pride and pretense
From me with deft, impatient fingertips

Eager and fearful, I follow your lead
Blushing, yet begging we battle the air
Raw, potent tempest-tide rushes, recedes
Until we lie on noon's banks, naked, bare
Panting; the duel of courage and dread
Spent as a summer-storm; then only then
Tender and gentle you cradle my head
Placing in my bleeding fingers…a pen

© Janet Martin

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