Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Shortfall of Mortal Love

Love, I would give you everything I have to have and hold
And promise ‘we’ will be enough until I’m very old
The wanting for your touch I pray would never fill or wane
Nor would I suffer very much if love should cause my pain

Darling, the satisfaction of man-woman melded heart
Would be enough forever, but for Love’s intrinsic Part
And just to have you need me would be its immortal prize
Its thrill my hallelujah and its kiss my paradise

Sweetheart, when love lives long enough it is life’s greatest wealth
For it has stood the test of time in sickness and in health
And as I run my fingers over lines betraying youth
I covet years to learn and earn its covenanted truth

…yet oh, for all the beauty that love’s have and hold imparts
It cannot placate wholly the hunger of human hearts
Love, I would render everything I have, to thee entrust
But, there is no salvation in a love twixt dust to dust

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh Janet….your poetry envelopes me. This one in particular touches my heart and soul, as I just do not seem to ever grasp what this should be in my life….

  2. Monica, thank-you. I've been thinking about the power of word and the power of love, both Mortal and Immortal and they seem interlocked. I appreciate your words here this morning.


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