Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Speaking Out for Truth

 Matt turns 16 on Friday...what is a mother to do?

Dear child, I’d like to tell you
That this world is full of lies
And you must ever be on guard
For wolves in sheep-disguise
It seems that you are growing
Up too fast for my own good
So I would like to set things straight
Like every parent would

Dear child, this life; it isn’t fair
Not everybody wins
And just because we may not care
Does not absolve our sins

Judgment day is coming
God is gracious, life is cruel
Be kind to your neighbor and
Don’t scoff at rules or school

Texting and driving kills
Drinking and driving too
As do ten thousand thrills and ills
Not yet revealed to you

Don’t talk with your mouth full
Brush and floss, ah, you may laugh
But someday if you’re lucky
Folk may want your autograph

…and you don’t want to meet them
With your teeth still full of lunch
Remember; love is more important
Than a six-pack when you crunch

And looking out for others
…gentle words and ready smile
Unlike fabricated fashion
Never will go out of style

Treat a lady like you hope
Someone treated your mother
Don’t be loose with things like kisses
Respect one another

Dare to stand alone
If it means doing what is right
For though you may be scorned
You will be precious in God’s sight

Read the Bible, it’s the only
Infallible truth
Life is short though now you think
You own the fount of youth

Be kind always, always
Someday you may be husband or wife
And habits molded early
Often follow us through life

Pray in the morning, pray at noon
And pray again at night
For it is easy to get lost
If we yield faith to sight

…and God is ever-faithful
Rich or poor can trust His Word
He wrote the most amazing
Love story that man has heard

Live, laugh, love with courage
Be your best self you can be
Don’t forget that Jesus loves you
From now through eternity

…Dear child, I’d like to tell you
To be ever on your guard
For wolves dressed in sheep-clothing
Wrong is easy; right is hard
And it is wise to study keenly
What are lies and what is Truth
There’s a world full of opinion
Waiting to influence Youth

© Janet Martin

I've written the verse below in numerous cards, as my mother did to me because it is hard to ' lean not on our own understanding ' and to 'trust Him with all our heart' no matter our age.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding; 

 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight. Prov. 3:5-6


  1. Oh I love it!!
    What an amazing privilege it is to see these boys grow up and discover all that God has for them!
    Have you ever read the poem You'll Be A Man..
    the first line is If you can leep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you...
    you should look it up, you'd like it!

  2. oh! one of my fav's...Kiplings 'If'.

    Yes, a joyous journey full of prayer:)!! Thank God for good friends.

  3. Love that Kipling poem, too! My momma could recite it word for word! Lucy, correct me if I am wrong, though, but isn't it called 'If?' I think the last verse is You will be a man [or something like that!]
    These are such wise words of yours here, Janet. Beautiful. I can hear your heart.

  4. thank-you Glynis, yes, Lucy did look it up and found the 'If' poem. I printed and framed it for Matt's Birthday:) He might read it someday;))


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