Wednesday, April 9, 2014



PAD Challenge day 9: write a shelter poem

Distraction and desire dole Pleasure to please the eye
Then we forget about our soul or that someday we’ll die

Fleet favor of fraudulent worth vexes Want’s hollow groan
For nothing can fulfill the girth reserved for God alone

Craving and curse keenly ally to tune creature complaint
Earth’s lesser gods increase the cry for more than worldly taint

How indifferent is the sum of stuff to Heaven’s hope
Cold touch of things is not enough to help our hunger cope

God’s love too oft is overlooked; exchanged for rags and rust
Because distraction shrouds the Book that speaks of ‘dust to dust’

Pity the one whose only goal remains twixt sod and sky
There is no hideout for the soul and everyone will die

© Janet Martin

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