Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sonnet of Deepening Dusk (re-vamped re-post)

See how the wave of twilight converges
Over pine spire to shorelines at the sky its motionless euphony surges
Earth-scented eighth-notes and willow-limb sigh
Far in the marsh the spring-peeper heralds
In vestal innocence, its wee acclaim
Beyond the hills a backdrop of coral
Deepens to ruby in ethereal flame
I taste the song of farewell in my mouth
Sassy noon zephyrs repose to the south

Stillness in choirs of heavenly tenure
Dissolves life’s temporal struggle and hurt
A melody of longing and languor
Wakens the diamond asleep in the dirt
River of moments and memories merge
With the spectator perched on midnight's brim
No word or syllable scuffs the heaven's splurge
As earth’s Creator conducts twilight’s hymn
Shimmer and shadow of moon-haloed tones
Brushes the meadow and cool cobblestones

See how the rise and fall of eve’s ocean
Clutches the heart in the swell of its cape
Feel how the tide of it tugs emotion
Aching in hollows of thought without shape
Loss and fulfillment, failure, forgiveness
End and beginning, future and past
Hurting and healing and hope coalesce
Under the banner of twilight’s broad mast
The Maestro directs the subtle release
Of night as it falls in an anthem of peace

© Janet Martin

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