Monday, April 7, 2014

On Painting A Self-portrait...

 PAD Challenge day 7: Write a self-portrait poem

How does one paint a portrait
Of a Person deep within
Beyond her common flesh-blood form
Embodiment of skin

A curious sort of creature
Lured by wanderlust of ink
Drawn to a midnight madrigal
Or morning’s begging brink

Long I have stared; who is she?
That strange, familiar face
Tormented by a melody
In Time’s tick-tock embrace

And what are her true colors?
My brush pauses, for she
Is every shade of blue-gray-green
Gold-pink-red poetry

Who is this blessed word-beggar?
And where did she come from?
Or how does she truly describe
This one her kids call ‘mom’?

Ah, she is child-girl-woman
And she is mother-wife
Lover, loner, thankful thinker
To God for this; her life

© Janet Martin

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