Wednesday, April 23, 2014


When I heard this song I had to think of hubby and the spell of eighteen wheels...and then, what makes the rest of us tick... What ignites that 'fire' for you?

When the sun splashes on highways in the color of the dawn
And diesel-fumes come drifting through the window ‘cross the lawn
Darling, I see you shift your glance while a soft half-grin steals
Across your face; your gaze beneath the spell of eighteen wheels…

When greens are giddy with spring glory golfers don their clubs and carts
When May spills in golden laughter gardeners spill seeds and hearts
When thought blooms into breath-pictures artists reach for paint and brush
And the spell of daylight dying draws the dreamer to its hush

When the dust begins a-stirring then the farmer starts to grin
Give a baker flour, sugar, eggs and butter; she will sing
The crack of bats in summer-dusk fills baseball fans with rampant joy
And a mother holds her fullest love in precious little girls and boys

Ocean-waves lure lean, lithe surfers and the gym lures Mr. Buff
They say an archaeologist thrills in scraping stones and stuff
The preacher pounds the pulpit as his fire expounds the Word
The musician strums his guitar; and the gambler shuffles cards

Who would think a tiny tendril filled with ink could cast a spell?
Or that word could stir a tumult too preeminent to quell
Slender pinion, without movement you arouse a silent storm
Where impulses of a poet are betaken by your form

© Janet Martin

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