Friday, April 25, 2014

Now Let Me Speak Frankly...

I'm shivering as I write this. A cold, raw wind screams outside my door and howls at every window...

PAD Challenge day 25: write a 'last straw' poem.

You keep wrapping your arms ‘round about me
Your sense of humor is wearing me thin
That five-o’clock shadow has lost its allure, love
Oh, how you vex me with your rebel-grin

Find for your pleasure another dance-partner
I hate glass slippers; their beauty is cold
As are your kisses; ah, how my mouth misses
Warm, willing whispers wild with green and gold

You strut your stuff in gray coat and galoshes
Bold and belligerent, cocksure and cool
I pity you, foreigner to flower-gardens
Sun-swaddled shorelines or drinks by a pool

Hey, one man army of churlish advances
Stumbling and screaming outside my front door
Take your battalion of stormy side-glances
You are not welcome here anymore

…yet, you keep wrapping your arms ‘round about me
Bent on rekindling some deadened delight
Dear, old man winter, now let me speak frankly
‘Our friendship is over, get out of my life’

© Janet Martin


  1. You had me reading with bated breath to the last line. And I smiled at the surprise ending. Loved it.

    Begone I say myself.

    Let Spring unfurl her arms laden with pink-petaled apple blossoms and dandelion bouquets.

    Wishing you a beautiful day,

  2. as the writer of Casey at the Bat wrote, 'Hope springs immortal in the human breast'! One of these weeks the warm weather WILL come!

    Wishing you warm and sunny, for that is what your words have been to me.
    I sincerely thank you.


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