Monday, April 28, 2014

Matrix of Memories

Poured into the mold of Moment
Supple season-serenade
Tick-tock shell; ethereal advent
Of a memory being made

Trip and tumble, wander, squander
Dredging deeps and skimming surf
Touch and treasure, moment-measure
Time's touch-down on transient turf

Wish and wonder, pray and ponder
Free-fall from a fount of air
Sip and savor, Mercy’s favor
Spills and fills in half-breath fare

Drip and dangle, silver spangle
Garnishing laughter and tears
Sanguine sorrow none can borrow
Brushing bygones into years

Poured into a mold of Moment
Sacred, soundless sparkles sift
Matrix of tender-sweet torment
Where a life of memories drift

© Janet Martin

I was out putting cages around pink peony-points peeping through the earth:)! 

Suddenly an over-whelming sense of bittersweet washed over me as I recalled tugging them out, tossing them on a pile, tasting tears of letting go as I was re-living moments of summer, wedding, life etc...

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